Regret Nothing

I’ve been told (a lot) how outspoken I am, how I don’t let things go, and how I should’ve “kept my mouth shut” in certain situations. 

I used to take offence. I used to think, God, maybe they’re right!

Looking back, the reasons I’ve spoken up, the times I’ve not let things go, and sometimes the times I really have kept my mouth shut for the greater good, I think all my decisions are completely justified. 

I’m a stubborn old woman deep down, if I know I’m right I’ll say so.  Call me what you will, a know it all (or someone that thinks they know it all). But I give advice and have my say for my own reasons.  

Im starting to get to the point in my life where I know what/who my priorities are. If people don’t share that, that’s fine, but I won’t be told to stop what I’m saying or doing.

I’ve decided the people saying these things are not friends. If that means I have none at all then fine. We clearly didn’t have that much in common for us to part ways over your opinion of me. 

Either way, I regret nothing, and will make sure I still speak up for what I believe in, making sure I never regret anything I say or do in the future either. 


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