Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Fever-I’ve Got it, Have You?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you’ll know that in less than a week’s time, Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle.

Those of you  that know me, will know that aside from Prince Louis being born, this is the highlight of the year for me-something I’ve not only had pencilled in my diary since the date was confirmed, but that has been permanent marker-ed in there since it was confirmed.

Look, I get it, some of you don’t like the Royals-some of you (especially those of you that comment on the Daily Fail’s many click-bait stories about them), actively despise them.

Others feel the need to comment on how they think I’m “sad”, or “have too much time on my hands” for being so invested in the monarchy.

I am a royalist however, I do absolutely love and adore our monarchy-the Queen especially, has a special place in my heart-as she probably does in many.
Her strength, guidance, contribution to our country, poise, sophistication and elegance, even in her older years, is something that can only be admired and commended in my opinion.  Additionally, being an avid admirer (not in that way trust me), of Prince’s William and Harry-mean that I consider myself to be a royalist for good reason.


So considering the above-my fondness for the royal family, and my excitement over this weekends events-I thought I’d give you a little insight into my plans for the big day. (Windsor security, don’t panic, I’m not headed up to gatecrash or anything!)

It might surprise you to know, that I’ve genuinely had a conversation with my husband, about my plans for Saturday-which basically involve, me taking the day off.
From what you may ask-blogging? Well yes, although I will still obviously be rather prominent on social media that day-I’m actually taking the day off from plans involving us all as a family.

There will be no other day in 2018, where I decide to do this-every weekend is spent with my family, and, as I’ve explained to my husband, I’m willing to spend time with them all-just as long as they come and watch the royal wedding with me.

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Royal Wedding

They’ve all declined (naturally), so the plan as it stands is;
*My husband takes the children out for the day/entertains them while they’re at home.
*I watch full coverage of the Royal Wedding as soon as it’s being broadcast-I’ll likely to be choosing the channel where Phillip Schofield (the little dreamboat) is covering it.
*I will be eating food that is either made for me, ready to eat out of a packet (a la cocktail sausages), or living on nachos.
*I will be in my best pyjamas all day.
*I will be in my bedroom.
*I will naturally be tweeting, Facebook updating, and Insta story-ing throughout (feel free to follow me on those if you don’t already-additionally after this blog, I’ll understand an unfollow if you already follow me).
*I will more than likely cry through roughly 80% of the coverage.
*I will be turning the TV over if Kay Burley even dares to grace my screen.

Unfortunately, I don’t think bunting and other royal wedding themed decorations is necessary for a party of one (I’m still tempted obviously), but, if anyone wants to come and watch with me-I’ll head out and buy as much tat as I can for the special day.

Royal Wedding

Joking aside (although I’ve not joked once throughout this blog), I’m genuinely super into this royal wedding malarkey-although it won’t have the pomp and glamour of weddings before it, it’s still likely to tug at my sensitive little heart strings, and reaffirm to me why I bloomin’ love our monarchy!

So what are you doing (seriously no pressure to come and watch with me), do you get as excited as me, or are you not fussed whatsoever-let me know!

Royal Wedding

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