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Self Care, Self Awareness, and knowing when to take a break.

Oh hey guys!  Remember me?  That’s right, I’m back!
I know I haven’t completely disappeared, because I have lots of you lovely people following me on social media!  But it’s been a little while (possibly three months) since I came to my beautiful website to have a natter/ramble!

For those that don’t remember, I decided to take a bit of a break, just before the children finished school in July, so I could not only focus solely on them for the six week break, but also so I didn’t get overwhelmed with juggling their care, activities, and this, as well as everything in between.

What I hadn’t bargained for when I decided to take the break, was that it would be for a little longer than I’d planned.

Life decided to throw me a curve ball at the end of August, meaning the plan to come back and write for you all again as soon as the children were both at school, was thrown out of the window.
I had to have a small operation on my leg, which left me unable to take the children out anywhere for the last week of the Summer Holidays.  This of course then gave me all the Mum guilt, because I felt like I was letting them down, and you all know what comes next….mental health issues resurface.

I beat myself up for ages, feeling like I was letting everyone down-especially those of you that have supported me and my blog for the last few years!
But as the days went on, and I felt my mood yoyo-ing up and down, I realised it was actually more important to focus on sorting my head out, than worrying about other people’s.

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So, yeah, basically, I’ve spent the last three months, making memories with the children, having plenty of evenings lazing in bubble baths, with face masks on, painting my nails, reading a hell ton of books on my Kindle, AND I’ve made my way through 6 seasons of Criminal Minds on Sky Box Sets (you really must watch it if you haven’t already).


I’m in no way cured from any of my issues, but I’m steadily seeing ways to improve who I am as a person, and how I deal with my issues.

So I’m back!  I don’t know how long for-I certainly won’t tell you to expect a blog per week or more from me, but you’ll get content again when I can get my typing fingers working (you never lose it really-it’s like riding a wobbly bike).


Thank you for all of your support during the last few months, for the lovely messages I’ve been sent over on my social media (links to those are on the side of this page!)

Just remember to always be kind to yourself-know when it’s time to stop, take a break, and take some time for you and your own self care!

self care
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