The Story Of Us-On My Husband’s Birthday

Today is the 28th of January-which is also known as my Husband’s Birthday-his 32nd this year!

When prepping my work for this month, and getting his presents and Birthday plans sorted, I realised I’ve never used my website to tell the story of us (me and Hubs, not you and I dear reader).

So, what better day to tell it, than on the day we celebrate another year of his life!


Where we met.

Keiron and I attended the same primary school, after he was transferred to my school when we were both 7.  Obviously, at that tender age, we weren’t bothered about the whole Boyfriend and Girlfriend thing-it was all about school work and being with friends.


Rock that bowl cut!



Wonky fringe much?

When we were 10/11, and finishing up our final year of primary school, we took part in the “leavers show” which was Alice in Wonderland.  I had the lead role (Alice), and he had the part of the Mad Hatter.
Again, although at that point I was aware of who his current Girlfriend was (it was usually one of my friends), I wasn’t that fussed about him “like that”.
He was a great friend-he attended my 11th Birthday disco, and I tended to leave at the same time as him, so I’d see his Mum collect him, and knew he had a Brother who attended our school too.

We left primary school and went our separate ways-he attended an all boys school, and I an all girls school.
I genuinely never saw him for the entire 5 years I was at secondary school-which is more surprising when you know how close we used to live to each other.
Contrary to what he now tells people, there was no pining from me-as I say, I never saw him in any other way, than as a friend at school, then someone I used to go to school with once we’d left!

It wasn’t until one summer, when I went to the beach with a friend, and saw him with another friend from my all girls school, that I realised I did kinda fancy him!  Little did I know, but he thought the same about me (I was a lot skinnier then-and a bikini looked good on me!)

They broke up after a while, and history then repeated itself once more, when he got with another of my friends (we now joke he made his way through them before settling with me!)

It was in a local pub, on a Saturday night, that my then Boyfriend (who was horrid I’ll add before the next bit), told him that he could have me if he wanted me!
Shortly after, he and my friend split up, and we had our first date!

The First Date.

I’m almost ashamed to admit I almost messed this up (only almost because I didn’t quite mess it up), because I was SO nervous, I made my friend tag along-something that his face told me was NOT ok when I rocked up!

We had a wander around our local town, and then went our separate ways-not for long, because we ended up  back out as his local that evening, where he was playing a pool match.

There were up’s and down’s, but we made it through the tumultuous dating stage-and soon became serious-with us attending each others family events, holidays, and basically spending every evening with one another.


On one of our many nights out together

The Engagement.

This part of the story isn’t one I remember, as I was asleep-but it was on the journey from one of his family events, when I had fallen asleep in the back of the car, that he drunkenly told his Mum how he was going to ask me to marry him.
Because he was rather intoxicated, his Mum didn’t believe him, and nodded in fake interest at what her silly Son was saying.

We went away with his Parents and Brother to Ibiza soon after (the quiet bit), and it was there, he proposed.

We were celebrating being together 6 months, and had challenged each other to buy one another something special.  I took his Brother shopping to help me, and, after we found a stunning watch (and as I was rather competitive) I walked back to our hotel, boasting about how I was going to have bought the best thing.

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We’d arranged to exchange gifts alone in our apartment, so I got dressed up for the evening’s entertainment downstairs, and excitedly waited for him to be ready to see what I’d got him.
I gave him his watch, and he thanked me-then he did it-he got down on one wobbly knee and proposed!  I obviously questioned what he was doing, and asked if he was joking, and when I realised he wasn’t, said YES!



Just engaged


The Wedding.


Our first dance

We got married on the 1st of August, while it was raining-OH, and while I was 13 weeks pregnant with our first baby.  The run up to the wedding was dramatic, as, along with the surprise pregnancy (and stunning sickness), I was grieving the death of my Nan 8 weeks before the big day.
I’m sure I’m not alone in how I feel about my wedding day.  I married my best friend.  I was surrounded by love and happiness-and I try hard to hold on to those memories to beat away any negative ones (which we won’t go into).

I loved being a bride-I loved my wedding, and I felt like a princess all day-exactly how I’d always imagined I’d feel.




Meeting his son

On the 7th of February 2010, our baby boy was born.  We thought he was trying to come on Hubs Birthday 10 days before, while we were out for dinner,  but the pains I felt were braxton hicks, so he stayed put a little while longer!

He was the light of our lives-a double of his Daddy.  He was a cheeky baby, and an even cheekier toddler, and we shared so many memories and first moments with him, in our little unit of 3.


Us with Kye at 6 days old


Our Losses.

When Kye was 18 months old, we found out we were expecting our second baby-once again an unexpected one, but a wanted one nonetheless.  We got a loan, so we could move from our council flat, and pay our debts off, and I began window shopping for prams.

A month after we found out we were expecting-the unexpected once happened-this time though, it ripped through our little unit of three, changing us forever.  We had lost our baby.

I grieved, he stayed strong-he grieved in private, to keep strong for me.

We went on to lose two more babies.  I focused on getting pregnant again.  Then I gave up.



At Christmas 2012, after I’d given up, we fell pregnant again-another pregnancy I fully expected and prepared myself to fail.


Miss Olivia

On the 27th of September 2013, our rainbow baby Olivia-May was born, and our family and hearts were full and complete.

We knew we were done-it sounds so final but we just knew we were done!  All that heartache, the wanting, the sadness-it was all to be blessed with her-and I thank my lucky stars she came along when she did.


So now we’re here-it’s 2018.

We’ve had 4 homes, 2 cars, 5 pregnancies, 2 children, highs, lows and everything in between.
We’ve now been together for almost 13 years, married for 8 and a half of those, and planning on renewing our vows next year at 10 years, to celebrate our marriage, with our children by our sides.



One thing has never changed-he is, and always has been, my absolute best friend.

I can talk to him, I can rant, moan, celebrate and share my happiness with him.  He’s my strength, my rock, and has got me through the most dark, horrid days, when I thought my world was collapsing around me.


Something that means more than anything to me-he’s proud of me.  He tells people how proud he is of me, and he makes me feel SO special.

Here’s to another 13 years, more Birthdays spent together, and more happy times to share with each other my love.

Happy Birthday my best friend X





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