Summer Holiday Clubs & Camps-Why I Won’t Be Participating

So, it’s that time of the year again.  Kids are coming home with leaflets in their bags, events are being set up and shared on social media.  What are they for?  Summer holiday clubs.

Sports clubs, holiday clubs, holiday camps, fun activity clubs-you name it, there’s something for everyone.

So why won’t I be even debating on sending my children on one of these?


Before some of you get the right hump with me, a small disclaimer.*
*I’m well aware, the need for childcare through the holidays-if you’ve got to work full time, and childcare costs are just as expensive, why not send the kids off for fun days with responsible adults to look after them.

The issue for me, lies solely with the cost.

The need for childcare so that parents and guardians can work, is rife.  People are spending a fortune during term time for wrap around hours at schools, or childminders to collect their children.  In the summer holidays and half terms, the need is even greater-longer hours of care are needed.

All I can see from an outsiders point of view, are the companies running summer schools and clubs, using the desperation from parents as a way to make money-more money than I feel is completely necessary.

I get they’re running businesses, and those businesses need paying for, staff need wages, and equipment needs to be accessible.  But some of the prices I’ve seen, just seem, well, extortionate.

What chance do parents who need childcare facilities throughout summer holidays, stand, when they’re being railroaded into spending their hard earned money on these over-priced events?

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I can’t be alone in this, I know parents who are struggling, and, at this time of year, are forced to choose between, working and paying tons for childcare, or taking unpaid time off and risking no income-putting a huge amount of stress on them and their families.

What we need is a reliable, affordable, fun and trustworthy summer holiday club to pop up, to help those that work bloody hard, and want the best for their children without having to compromise elsewhere…….I won’t hold my breath.




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