Superhuman Super Parents-All For One and One For All

You guys know me by now-you know I’m all for female solidarity-girls and women being there for each other, in a world that is unfortunately still dominated by the opposite sex.

However, I’m also very much into advocating parental solidarity-parents being there for other parents-without judgement, bringing only positivity, advice, help and, well, just being there for each other (regardless of sex).


In the world we currently finding ourselves in, where social media is literally life (especially to us blogger peeps), it’s really easy to find yourself willing your children to be like others, or hoping you can parent like others-all because of what you see on social media.


I’m here to say-nah, you’re alright-because I truly believe in doing it for yourself, while also doing it alongside other parents.

I don’t aspire to be like any other parent in life-not even my own parents!  I’m my own person, my children know me as me, and I parent as that person.


Did you know, last school term, I walked for 25 minutes to my son’s school (it’s worth it-it’s an amazing school), then the same amount home.  I did this twice a day, as well as walking an extra ten minutes from his school to my daughters nursery on some days.  I did this in snow (and blizzards for crying out loud), rain, ice rain and the bitterest wind and temperatures.  Every single day, for an entire term-we weren’t late once.

This isn’t a “praise me, praise me” statement, this is something I’m proud of as a parent.
Just like I’m proud that my children are so well behaved, they smash school/nursery, and I get complimented often on their manners and behaviour outside of school.

The photos I put on social media reflect this-I like to praise the good and feel positive in my posts.

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I have bad days, don’t we all?  My children can be horrible-their behaviour can leave me in tears some days, and suffering from anxiety and depression, makes being the best parent I want to be, a little harder sometimes.

But that doesn’t stop me being proud of myself as a parent.  I keep them alive, fed, watered and happy, and I parented to the best of my ability each day!

I’m proud of myself for being a stay at home mum, when actually it’s really bloody hard, and I struggle sometimes-not just with the children, but with the judgement from others about my decision not to go back to work when I had my children-to decide to live on a budget with little spare money, so I could spend every day with them.



Those who work full time, who want to do that-you can be proud of yourself for making that decision based on your parenting, and knowing your children are happy and looked after by whoever you chose to have them-you made the best decision for you, and parented your arse off too!



Those who don’t work because they can’t-but still parent to the best of their ability-be proud that regardless of the reasons you can’t work, you’re still bringing up your children as well as everyone else!


My point is-watching people’s Insta stories, reading their captions on their feed and seeing their posts on Facebook-these aren’t things to be jealous of-they’re posting because they’re proud of themselves, their parenting, and their children.  Give them some love, tell them they’re doing fab, then remind yourself that you’re doing fab too-even if you don’t feel like you are sometimes!


We’re all absolute Superhero Super-Parents, DON’T FORGET THAT!


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