Superstitious Minds

As it’s Friday the 13th I thought it a perfect opportunity to post a blog about superstitions.

Personally, I don’t think I have any major ones, especially not ones I do, so I don’t have bad luck (I have enough of that without adding superstitions into the mix).
I don’t walk under ladders.  Not because of getting bad luck, but because I already have such bad luck I would probably end up with something (or someone) falling on me!
One thing I have always done-not because of superstition, more routine, is making a wish when I blow an eyelash off of my finger!  I’ve done it for as long as I can remember!

Because I don’t have any proper superstitions of  my own, I once again called on my lovely fellow bloggers to hear about theirs!

It turns out, saluting magpies is actually a really common one!d64538236f99c93eee407c772fb1b06e

Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders, Becky from The Family Beehive, Nicola from All Things Spliced, Siobhan from The Baby Boat Diaries, Elaine from Entertaining Elliott, Kristine from Max and Kai and Deborah from Country Heart and Home, all salute magpies!

f7fd724e143fdecdcba186b56a11cac4Additionally to their magpie saluting, Siobhan from The Baby Boat Diaries and Carly from
Mummy and the Chunks
, won’t walk across three drains in a row-and Siobhan won’t walk under ladders.


Smashing mirrors is another superstition-Carly from Mummycc9f4f90616b9e056bf9c0c9df57cfd2 and the Chunks also has this one, and crossing on the stairs seems to be a common one, shared by Deborah from Country Heart and Home and Tracey 543571610b6f0cfaa52ff028931ada49from Kidz Cruises.
Deborah also won’t cross knives-not one I’ve heard of before, or open umbrellas indoors.

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Laura from Five Little Doves never puts new shoes on the table!! She said she’s so super panicky about it, especially because her children always plonk things down wherever they want to. She’s not even sure where her superstition came from but she just won’t risk it!

Alex from Better Together Home is actually really superstitious!  If she gives someone a purse or wallet she always puts money in.  She never sweeps towards the door, if she spills salt, she throws a pinch over her shoulder and she’d never have dried flowers in the house!


7eb3f3abe0caf004800b9885283de33fLaura from The DRM Project has a bit more of an odd one!  She was always told never buy or drive a green car because they’re bad luck!

Talya from Motherhood The Real Deal, has a bit of an odd one that came from her family, that when you sneeze three times in a row you then have to pull your earlobes!

On another note, Rochelle from Twinkins, stopped having superstitions, because she realised they were making her go crazy.  One that has stuck with her though, is not putting her handbag on the floor, because that meant you’d never have money!

To conclude, a little clip from The Office (US Version), sent to me while crowd sourcing for this blog, from the very “un-superstitious” Adam over at AT Tech Reviews!

Thanking everyone that helped and took part in this blog-it was once again very enlightening!



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2 thoughts on “Superstitious Minds

  1. carmel says:

    I have never been superstitious, even as a child, way back before I worked with ladders on a daily basis. I used to walk under them on purpose!

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