Yesterday, as I was flicking through my Twitter feed, the picture that a lot of people have now seen, of the deceased child, Aylan Kurdi from Syria, came up.  His lifeless body washed ashore, next to the popular tourist beach of Bodrum in Turkey.

This is Aylan and his brother Galip, who also died after the dinghy they were on, after fleeing their country, sank before it got to Greece. Their mother, Rehan also died along with up to 12 others, also on the dinghy. 

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. 

As a mother of a 5 and nearly 2 year old, that photo hit me hard.  I personally think, whether you have children or not, that photo had to have affected every single person who saw it, in some way.

Today, my news feed on Facebook, is full of newspaper articles, advertisements for charities to help, and posts from people in groups I’m in, giving their opinion on the latest news.

Now, I’m going to be completely honest, and say, I can’t work out where I stand on the entire situation.  There’s no denying the fact I’m heartbroken for the families who have been forced to flee their country.  There’s also no denying the fact I think they need help and refuge, I just can’t see how we can help because no one is telling us how we can!

David Cameron has said “We’re doing enough.”  A senior UN official said “We could do more.”

On Wednesday Mr Cameron said taking more people in wasn’t the answer, and he says we’re doing enough, but exactly what are we doing to help?  If enough was being done, this wouldn’t be happening.

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Aid is no longer helping them (the aid that gets to them anyway), these people need homes, stability, care and kindness.  Is there a way of us as a country giving them that, surely we could do that?  

Something needs to be done, because those photos of dead children are unacceptable.  Not because they’ve been shown-on the contrary, I think they NEED to be shown! It provokes help from people seeing the pictures, it keeps this crisis fresh in our minds. 

It’s unacceptable because this shouldn’t be happening. 


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2 thoughts on “Syria….

  1. Abhishek Gautam says:

    I have been following on Syria news for almost two years, (since i have got a friend from Istanbul, she told me everything when there was an emergency, and the reason for that), and have heard many bad news about the hell situation going over there. I too want to help them want to go to Syria, as no media is covering them, coz if you cover them they will shoot you first. So no BBC, or Al-Jazeera has gone there for last two or more years.
    I also tried to join WHO/UNO’s program for Syria, but they selected someone else , they mailed me.
    Please if you came to know if there is any way to go to Syria, I would like to go there, Coz there is no other way of helping them xcept showing the world what is going inside there.
    And only two countries who can help syria are United States or India, rest super powers are busy in solving there own country’s situation.

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