Let’s Teach Our Girls To Be World Changing Super-Heroes

I’m unsure if any of you saw The Russell Howard Hour episode last week discussing the gender discrimination between girls and boys toys/presents.
I know there’s a lot in the news about gender equality right now, with people picking up on slogans on kids clothes, colours of toys and clothes, and the way gender is described in general, not just with regards to children.
I read it, I hear it, but I have to give Russell Howard the recognition he truly deserves after his speech regarding the gender stereotyping that has become so prominent in today’s society.

If you haven’t already seen it, here it is.

It’s really rare to hear men speaking out for girls.  Especially speaking out and making sense of the ridiculous situation we’re suddenly in.


Russell spoke of the toxic way we speak about and to girls-why can’t they be superheros? Why can’t they cure cancer or be engineers?
Although we’re not directly saying those words, the way toys and clothes send messages to our children, is inadvertently saying that!


girlsThis is Olivia-May.  She’s my Daughter (regular readers will know her well, and not be surprised at what is going to follow this introduction).
Olivia is four.  She thinks she’s 7-not because we’ve made her grow up too soon, forcing her to learn things beyond her age-but because she has a 7 year old Brother.
She is the most headstrong, independent, passionate (and stubborn) 4 year old I’ve ever met-and I don’t just say that because she’s mine.
I’ve never met another child and genuinely thought “this one could move mountains”-but Olivia really could.

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I truly believe, when she’s older, she’ll do incredible things-that’s not saying her Brother won’t, but, as gender stereotyping sways towards boys/men becoming scientists/astronauts/superheros, I feel the need to stick up for the girls that can do those things too.

Yes, little girls do like being pretty, but they also like recognition for being good, strong and amazing!
We shouldn’t be telling girls to spend their time “being pretty”, instead we should be building them up, telling them they can do anything.

I know, I’m just another Mum blogger, harping on about gender discrimination-I know you’ve heard it all before.
But it shouldn’t have to be said by me, or anyone-people should already be taking these issues on board, and individually changing how they portray and idealise females-so that the worldwide issue we currently face, is diminished, and maybe, one day, vanquished.

This superhero will move mountains-let’s make sure all girls know what they could achieve.

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