Today I’m Thankful For…..#7

Today’s ‘thankful for’ has a very wintry theme!

I am today, thankful for;

Yes blankets-plural.
I needed more than one today.  So I am thankful that I own lots.
It took two hours from getting home from the shops, to be able to feel each part of my body.  My toes hurt they were so cold-but thankfully, I own lots of lovely blankets!


Central Heating
See, I told you it was all winter related!  There’s nothing better, while freezing your arse off, wrapped in two blankets, with two pairs of socks on (this didn’t help either), than sitting on the floor against the radiator.
I’m not sure how much help it was for the rest of my body, but my back was boiling, and I was cosy!


Hot Chocolate
Oh yes, the final thing on the ‘thankful for’ list today is most definitely hot chocolate!
I’ve had four today.  In my massive ‘I Love London’ cup.
I was half asleep for the majority of the day, and my downstairs toilet isn’t warm, so the amount I’ve drunk has been slightly detrimental to my temperature, but at the time it was amazing.

Until summer I may just live on hot chocolate, wrapped in blankets, with too many clothes on, sitting against the radiator, trying to get my core temperature to an acceptable level.


So that’s all for today’s ‘thankful for’ post!  Don’t forget you can join in to!
You can go onto my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or comment at the bottom of this post to join in thinking of something you’re thankful for.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MFBthanful so I can find you easily too!

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