Today I’m Thankful For…..#8

Hurrah for Friday!!!

I didn’t do one of these yesterday, because my time was taken up by a scary blog I published instead.  It took me a year to pluck up the courage (or find my lady balls as I said yesterday) to even write what I wanted to say, let alone post it for all to see.  If you didn’t get to see it yesterday, here it is Alcoholism, My Mum and Me.

Back to today though!  Today I am thankful for;

A child free day
Not just any child free day-mine and my husbands first child free day we’ve ever had (since we had kids obviously).

As much as we’d have loved to have spent it in bed (don’t get excited, I mean sleeping), we decided to take a trip to Canterbury and have a mooch round the shops.  Hubs had money from Christmas still to spend, so naturally we went all the way over and came back with a book each and shoes each for the children, and nothing for us…..

It was lovely though, and although hubs has been complaining about how we “haven’t stopped all day” (he works in a call centre, and drives to work-walking takes its toll bless his little cottons), we made the most of the children being at school and nursery and enjoyed a day just us.

We’re ending his last day as a 30 year old, lazing on the sofa before Birthday madness begins, when the children wake tomorrow!
So that’s all for today’s ‘thankful for’ post!  Don’t forget you can join in to!
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