“The 4 Nesses”

Hi, It’s been a whole month since my last blog post! 

 The end of November and the beginning of December for me is always filled with what I like to call, “The 4 Nesses“. 

MadNESS, IllNESS, BusyNESS and TiredNESS

Our house is a hub for these things, seemingly magnified over the festive period. 

My son’s column of the family planner calendar I own, is full to the brim, with Christmas parties, panto visits, his own school Christmas play, and when he breaks up from school.  Each year his social calendar continues to exceed the previous years madness and I constantly question how my 5 year old can have more going on than I have!

Then there’s the husbands column, full of the usual work shift times, but in addition during this month, there are now dates for when he finishes work, when his Christmas meals are (yes more than one), and little messages sharing his excitement for finishing for Christmas. 

My littlest bubs is thankfully at the age where her social calendar isn’t as hectic as her brothers, and is mainly filled with things we’re both doing, or who’s having her when I have to be somewhere with the biggest bubs. 

And as for me? I’ve run out of space.  They don’t make the blocks for mummy’s side on the planner big enough.  I have lists about the calendar, lists about which Christmas cards need writing and for who, lists about which presents are where (which haven’t helped me not lose any!) I have lists about lists and a head full of images of the lists I’ve made. It’s never ending! 

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Add all this with constantly having to think of ideas to use for our house elf every evening, remembering to keep the kids presents covered and to keep the kids away from the bedroom without arousing suspicion, the usual housework, school runs, potty training (yep we’re still at that-she weed on the sofa today-don’t go there) and general winter illnesses doing the rounds hindering my progress, this month is completely overwhelming!

Next week though, I will be the one, although still overwhelmed and stressed out to the max, getting excited with my family for the events we have planned over the Christmas week. 

I LOVED Christmas as a child, and now I have children, the magic continues with them, and in me too!

The 4 nesses” will be completely worth it in the end. 



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