The Future for our children 

As mentioned yesterday, I took the children to the Armed Forces parade yesterday in our local town. 

On the walk down, my 5 year old asked me why we celebrate Armed Forces day. 

I explained that there are some bad people in the world, who want to hurt people and make them go to heaven. So we have soldiers who go to those countries, and try to stop the bad people before they can hurt anyone. I told him they have to be brave and strong and that we must support them and be proud of the work they do. 

On Friday, the world saw some of the worst terrorism happen, in 3 countries in one day.  We followed the Tunisia  developments on Sky News, while the children played.  Unbeknown to me, my son caught some of the news.  I personally do not shield my children from the news, I think some things are important for them to know.  So during the conversation about our soldiers, my son asks me why we can’t send them to stop the man with the gun.  He said on Spider-Man, Uncle Ben gets shot with a gun that a bad man is using, and he has to go to heaven.  I explained the bad man on the beach did the same thing, but lots more people went to heaven, and that’s not right, no one should choose when another should die, people only die if they’re seriously poorly or very very old.  I said our soldiers help look after our country from bad people like that man!   

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My boy stood for a moment, thinking about what we’d spoken about, then, said with great confidence, “well mummy, when I’m big enough, I’m going to help look after our country!” 

The pride in me was evident. However, the thought of my child, not only being a grown up, but wanting to fight this terrible war on terrorism, scares the life out of me. 

If anything for my children, children around the world, and future generations, one can only hope that by the time they’re old enough to choose the path they wish to follow, terrorism is a thing of the past. 


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