Trick or Treating with kids-to knock, or not to knock?

As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner, and, as shops fill their shelves with sweets, costumes and decorations, I was wondering how many people actually agree with the idea of
Trick or Treating?


I take both of mine, just around my local area-we actually live in a nice part of our town, and we only go a couple of roads down, then back again-and the neighbours in our street really love getting involved with the little ones.

I asked some of my fellow bloggers what they thought about it-whether they do it, agree with it, or don’t!


Victoria from Lylia Rose said;  We’ve not done it yet as my eldest is only 5, but I have no plans to take her. I don’t like the random knocking on peoples doors and disturbing them. You never know if you’re waking up a baby or disturbing an elderly person! Some areas ask for people to put a pumpkin in the window with a candle so you know they are taking part which is a good idea.

Lyndsey from Me, him, the dog and a baby said; I personally don’t agree with it as I see it as a form of begging, especially as I’ve known some older children expect money rather than chocolate/ sweets. My husband loves Halloween though and really wants to take our daughter when she’s a bit older so we’re a bit torn on what to do at the minute.

Christy from Welsh Mum of One said;  We live in an apartment in the city centre. We’ve not had a single trick or treater in 5 years and I’ve not seen any out and about either. I think because of my location (we don’t know our neighbours and there is no real “community” feel) we won’t trick or treat. My husband is American where Halloween is a very big deal and grew up in the suburbs where the entire community would be out on the streets so he still likes to celebrate. We would definitely go to an organised family event or party and might even organise our own if no one else is having one!


Beth from Twinderelmo said; We have done it with the kids the last few years. We only visit houses that visibly are partaking (pumpkins outside, decorated etc) and they have so much fun as we go with a big group of friends. They really enjoy it and we go around 5.30pm so aren’t disturbing people.

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Abi from Something About Baby said; We don’t do it, purely because my mum hated it when we were younger so never took us out! Alfie is only 2 so doesn’t get the hype at the moment, but I’m not sure if I will change my mind and take him out if he asks when he’s older. We don’t give out treats either, and turn off all the lights so no-one knocks! Neither do we do anything “Halloween” related like attend events etc although I don’t mind Alfie taking part in things arranged by nursery. The only thing we do is decorate a pumpkin!

Erica from The Incidental Parent said; Last year was the first year we did it, my son was 5. It was an organised group of children all knocking on doors down our road. The adults only knocked on doors where there was a poster displayed that they were happy to join in. The kids had a great time and the neighbour’s loved seeing all the children dressed up!


Kelly from Kelly Allen Writer said; We do it! It’s tradition for us and we only go to the decorated houses. I don’t think it’s begging at all, it’s a bit of fun! We also love giving out to others too. We have a lot of fun each year and the community is great, even some of the shops stay open late to offer up treats! We had one lady offer out tricks such as cat poop (chocolate!), it’s just a lot of fun and an excuse for a good meet up, chat and giggle.

Clare from NeonRainbow Blog said; We do it here.. We take our boys around our lovely estate to the houses that have their decorations up and there is always a lovely community spirit around Halloween here. We also buy treats and decorate our house for the local kids too. I don’t see it as begging, it’s a bit of fun.

Frances from You Have To Laugh said; Hate it. My kids are asleep, my dog will bark at you and wake them up and I will want to stab myself in the eyeballs (and no, you’re not getting chocolate).
(Personally my favourite comment)

What about you?  What are your opinions on this time of year?  Do you agree with any of the comments above??


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