Turning 31 – Crappy Birthday To Me….

In one week I’m turning 31.
31 years of Birthday’s, each one, up until now, celebrated and enjoyed.


Until this one that is.


Turning the big 3-0 last year, I celebrated for a little over a month, with tons of excitement surrounding everything I did to celebrate, and lots of fuss made about my impending milestone birthday.

The years prior to this-even those celebrated since becoming a Mother, were enjoyed to the full-being in your 20’s clearly keeps the excitement alive each year!

But this year?  This year I’m turning 31-I can say I’m in my 30’s and it’s not feeling all that great about it to be honest.

There are several underlying factors to why I feel like it’ll be a little shit.  One (and the main one) is money.  Or lack of money to be exact.
Every year around this time, money dwindles.  If you’re in my family and have a birthday prior to July, you’re safe-we have the money to buy you presents and celebrate with you.
Come July, I’m not the only one with a birthday.
I was born on my Dad’s birthday, which is 4 days after my Step-Nan’s birthday, and two days before my Mother-in-law’s birthday.
This year however, it’s not just any old birthday for my Step-Nan or Mother-in-law, they’re turning 80 and 50!

As two of the most important people in my life, I would have loved to spoil them to the extent they deserve to be spoiled.  But the dwindling funds have put paid to that.  Instead, I’ve spent as much of our spare money on them, and my Dad, as possible, (not daring to look at the bank account), forgetting my Husband would need money to get me something.

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He now has a lovely £10, to skip off to the shops with to get me something-I’m hoping he won’t spend it all.  I’ve said I’m happy with a bunch of flowers from the children.

But deep down, of course I’d love to be spoiled too.  

The other factor, is the day it falls on.  A Tuesday.  What a shite day to have a birthday!  Kye will be at school all day, and Olivia at nursery until lunchtime-so it’s just me and the husband for the majority of the day-with no money and no where to go!

It just seems, regardless of who’s birthday it is (milestone or not), or the day it falls on, mine is always the one that gets overlooked slightly (unless it’s my 30th).

My perfect birthday?  Lots of people around me, making the effort to visit and spend some time with me, homemade or cheap gifts from my children, that have really had thought put into them, orchestrated by my husband of course.  A weekend birthday every single year too-that would be pretty amazing.

What I think I need to do, is prepare myself for bad birthdays from now on.  No hopes got up, no plans made-no banners, balloons or cake-just treat it as a day where I gain a number, and go about my usual day’s activities.

Those days of ‘Happy Birthdays’ are over, ‘Crappy Birthdays’ are here to stay.




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