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I’m sure I don’t need to write a whole new blog post on the laws surrounding tyre treads and when you need to replace tyres on your car.

However, I have come to realise in the last month, following an accident we had while my husband was driving us home on Christmas Day evening, that the gap between a tyre being worn but legal to drive on, and worn to the point of it being illegal, is really very slim.

In actual fact, a legal tyre that you may think is a little worn, might not always be safe to drive on at all!

tyre safety

Christmas Day

As mentioned above, we had a small incident on Christmas Day evening, on the way back from my Husbands parents house.

We turned to drive up the bend of a hill, and caught our front left wheel on the curb.  This doesn’t usually affect a car, the driver would just feel the curb clipping the wheel, and turn the car back to the right direction.

However, our front tyre had seen better days on the run up to Christmas.  It had passed the MOT, and we’d said we’d replace it after Christmas-it was legal after all!
Unfortunately, due to the wear, when we hit the curb, the tyre burst and we were left, shaken, and one tyre down!

We drove home, alloy-to-road, something my Husband wasn’t keen on the idea of doing, but something I’d seen my Dad do once, so knew it was doable on a short trip (we weren’t too far from home thankfully).

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As soon as the tyre centre re-opened on the 27th of December, we replaced the tyre-and I now spend each trip checking the wear of all of the others-I’m adamant that incident will never be repeated again!


The importance of regular tyre checks

As you’ve read above, the importance of regularly checking your tyres is bigger than you think-not only will your car fail it’s MOT if the tyres are worn to the point they’re classed as illegal, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk of an accident-maybe a worse one than we had at Christmas.

tyre safety

Choosing the right tyres

I get it-you’re busy, you’re only taking the car down the road, or on short trips.  IT’s not something you have time to deal with right now and you recon you’ll be OK to leave it for a bit longer.

If you are too busy then companies like Jet Wheel Tyre takes the hassle and time out of finding the perfect tyres!
With a plethora of information on a variety of tyre subjects-running in new tyres, checking tyre tread, checking tyre pressure, tyre wear and rotation, how to change tyres, and much more-they really are the best option for you to get the best for your car and it’s safety.

Head over and check them out!


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