Vasectomy’s-No Need to get ‘Teste’….. (See what I did there?)

Last weekend, the hubs bit the bullet and went off to have his bits manhandled, all for the sake of a) our sanity, and b) my reproductive system.

We are well and truly done-no more babies are entering my womb, or vacating it for that matter!

Obviously, I'm a woman, and to write a blog about vasectomy's really isn't something I can do from a first hand point of view.  So I decided to get the husband's opinion on it all, and some thoughts from blogger friends who's partners have had it done, in the hope it gives those who are thinking about doing it, some more information on what to expect!


An interview with the victim patient (the Husband).

Prior to the appointment to have the procedure done, what did you "think" would happen?

The worst!  That I'd feel everything, and that it would be really painful.  I imagined stinging, and general severe discomfort.


What was the clinic like?

It was like a room with lots of chairs-a little like a doctors surgery but with more staff in it!


What was the clinician like?

He was friendly, and I got a sense of pride from him after he'd "worked" on me.  I especially liked that he prescribed a cold beer!


What was the worst bit of the procedure?

The build up to it and the injection (local anaesthetic).


What surprised you most about the procedure?

That I didn't feel a thing, and I wouldn't say any of it was painful at all.


Following the procedure, what were you advised to do?

Drink (as above), rest and read the information letter I was given thoroughly.


Did you have a lot of pain afterwards?

No pain at all, but after the local anaesthetic wore off I had some discomfort.  Nothing that wasn't cured by the above beers, and general pain killers.


How long did it take you to get back on your feet?

I was up the next day, but still walking like John Wayne-walking cautiously with my legs apart just in case, not because I had to.  Real improvement came a couple of days later.


Do you regret having it done, or are you glad you went through with it?? (I totally asked this one, hoping he would say he's glad by the way-it could've been awkward!)

I've yet to reap the benefits (it takes a few samples to get the all clear), but it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, and I'd recommend others having one-it really won't be as bad as you think it'll be.

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What would you say to those unsure about going through with a Vasectomy?

It doesn't matter how many times you're told it'll be ok, you're still going to worry about it being horrendous-you will realise after it's been done you had nothing to worry about-don't lose sleep over it!



Next I spoke to a few of my lovely blogger friends;

Laura from Five Little Doves said; My husband had the snip after our fifth baby and declared it the most painful procedure he's ever had. Given that I gave birth five times on a couple of paracetamol, you can imagine just how much sympathy I had for him, and when our 2 year old head butted him in the crotch the following day I have never laughed so hard in my life!!

Catherine from Here Come the Hoopers, let me have a nose at her husband's blog post following his Vasectomy-the best quote I found was this; "The worst pain I had felt like needles stabbing into my ball bag. It was only by the 6th day that I realised what the pain was. What I thought was surgical recovery pains was my pubes growing back in. The stubbly growth was worse than the injections, the burning and clamping or the kicking in the balls pain."

Cass from The Diary of a Frugal Family said; My husband had his done a while ago and was terrified. The doctor said I could go in with him so I was able to keep him calm which I think is quite unusual. At one point, the doctor said all done and you could see the relief in my husband's face as he started to sit up. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when the doctor said to him 'Whoa there, lay back down. I meant I'd all done one, I've got the other to do now!



I think that gives those of you unsure whether to go through with this procedure or not, a little insight into what goes on!  For more information (medical information really, I'm no good at all that), check out the NHS website HERE!



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