Vertu Honda-Why We Love Our Car (even though it’s a bit rubbish)

Vertu Honda asked us to tell them (and you, my lovely readers), why we love our car!

Before I continue, I’d like to point out, we don’t own a flash car-it’s a Renault Laguna. It makes funky noises (not good funky) when you turn it on/move it/turn it, it doesn’t look amazing, and it’s quite old.

However, it is our car, and, we have reasons we love it so much.


As the frequent passenger in our car, I get the pleasure of being driven, rather than driving it-so in a moment, I’ll also give you the opinion, of not only my husband the driver, but also some comments from fellow passengers-our little ones!

Why I love our car;

  • Because it’s ours.  I often feel super lucky that we even own a car-that we’re stable enough in our lives to own something that needs money put into it often, but that we can afford to keep.  It’s kind of in that “Kids, House, Job” list of things you wish to achieve through life isn’t it-we own a car, and we should feel lucky!
  • Because it enables us to make memories.  I know that we could make memories in places you can get to via public transport or walking, but some of the best memories we’ve made have been further afield, when we’ve driven to somewhere brand new.

Why my Husband loves our car

  • It doesn’t cost a lot to run.  Petrol use is pretty average, and, even though it often sounds a little odd when you turn it on etc, it’s reliable-always getting through the MOT without anything major needing doing to it (famous last words).
  • The seat is a good size.  He has driven in a fair few cars, and says that his current one accommodates him comfortably, making the driving more comfortable!
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Why our Son Kye (7) loves our car;

  • We can go to different places.  We get to go on day trips altogether because we have the car.
  • The wheels go fast.

Why our Daughter Olivia-May (almost 4) loves our car;

  • The roof opens. (She means sunroof-we don’t own a convertible).
  • The wheels turn.  (Self explanatory I think!)

See, it just proves, that regardless of your make/model/age/price of car, there are always reasons you love it!

Personally, I’d love nothing more than a new car-but I should also remind myself often, that I’m lucky to even own any car-something we should all do!


Speaking of new cars, if anyone fancies treating us, this new look Honda Civic is pretty beaut is it not?  Head over to the Vertu Honda Civic Handbook page to check out what all the fuss is about (seriously it’s SO pretty!)

And don’t forget to have a nose their main page too-there’s plenty to see; new and used Honda’s and all the information you need to find your next car!

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