What a weekend!

I’m exhausted!

All started with a Family day Saturday, the boys had their hair cut first thing, then we all jumped in the car and headed to Tesco for Minion Weekend!  Biggest kidlet had lots of fun hunting round the store for Minions, bearing in mind how useless me and the husband were at helping with the clues. For example, “these are tinned and look like minions”. We decided to go with pineapple, luckily after walking towards the tinned goods we realised it was probably sweetcorn!  The children got to have their picture taken by a Minion backdrop, and ended up coming home with a balloon and a ‘weeble’ like punchbag, also a Minion.  All in all a brilliant event thanks to Tesco!

In the evening, it was mummy’s turn for fun.  Me and my best mate went to Margate Winter Gardens for their Club Tropicana event.  Basically all the songs we grew up listening to, dressed in summer-type clothes, dancing like nutters and absolutely baking the whole night (in fairness it wad a tropical beach setting-so spot on!)
The Winter Gardens also do a Disco Inferno event, and they will be organising another Club Tropicana event too, so head on over to the website (link above) to find out more-a brilliant night out!

So arriving home last night, I went to open my front door with the key I’d successfully kept safe the entire night, and found my dippy husband had left his key on the inside of the door.  After frantic phone calls (his phone was on silent), a quick scout round to see if he’d left anything unlocked in the whole house, and an attempt to not wake the neighbours, I felt the only possible options were to either sleep on the doorstep, or throw gravel at the bedroom window. Thankfully I opted for the gravel, and he woke and let me in.  Asleep at 1:30am probably wasn’t my best move, especially when the husband had work this morning!
This morning I had already planned to take the children to the Armed Forces Parade in town.  So at 10:40 we were stood watching the amazing men and women I have great honour in celebrating.  My son and daughter were in awe of the parade, my son saluted the soldiers, and asked lots of questions regarding why we need soldiers. 

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This evening, once the husband had returned from work we once again piled into the car and went to meet the in-laws for dinner at The Promenade in Margate. Lots of lovely food eaten (mainly by me) and the children had a “Dennis the Menace” inspired meal, which my son especially loved. 

As you can see it was fun packed weekend, ending with my amazingly talented 5 year old, writing in his journal book for school, all about his special times.

Back to the routine tomorrow-but for now, bedtime, remembering the lovely family time we had this weekend.


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