It’s A Whole Lotta Fun! Fun House Interview With Pat Sharp!


During 1989 and 1999, my only issues in life, were attending nursery/school, homework and my favourite television programmes.  Among them-Fun House.  Running from 1989-1999, the CITV children’s favourite, was by far (in my opinion), one of the best things on my big backed telly box.

Now, 28 years since the first episode hit our screens, plans are underway to bring the Fun House back!!

Alas, this news isn’t as it seems!  To be in with a chance of reviving this “whole lotta fun” show, the team need your help!


To find out more about the revival, and how the general public can help get Fun House back up and running, I spoke to the man himself, Pat Sharp.


Firstly Pat, what made you decide to take part in giving Fun House another go. Was it public demand or more of a personal decision?

It was a group of fans who came up with the idea of Fun House Live and the twins and I gave it our blessing.  They are TV producers who loved the show and want to create a live Fun House experience for adults to take part in.  They have launched a crowdfunding campaign HERE to help make their dream a reality.


After the success of the revival of The Crystal Maze, Fun House fans are hoping the same will happen to their beloved childhood show-so, how can they help this to happen?

Search @bbfunhouse on social media to find out more about the campaign.  To help make this happen, fans need to pledge some wedge on the campaign page and in return you will get tickets to play Fun House Live.  The team have all the plans in place to make Fun House Live an epic experience.  Fans will play in teams of six and of course it will be red vs yellows.  The experience will include a full size fun kart race track, inflatable assault course, giant ball pit, lots of other games and did I mention…..the supersize adult Fun House.  It’s all or nothing.  If the campaign target is not reached then this won’t happen.

Will the new shows be televised?

There are no new Fun House TV shows planned at present, the crowdfunding is for a live immersive interactive attraction in London for adults, but, who knows what the future will bring….


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lottaWill Melanie and Martina be back?

They are on board yes and the twins cannot wait to re-run the fun!


Is there anything else (aside from the resurrection of our much loved Fun House) that you’re offering, for those who donate to the crowdfunding page?

The exclusive Fun House offers available on the crowdfunding page include – VIP experiences with the twins and I, tickets to the launch party, early bird ticket and team offers and VERY special Fun House merchandise.  Fans should also check out the campaign Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for the latest campaign prize competitions.


Lots of people will be excited about the return of Fun House-the fan base is huge. Speaking of those fans, what is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you/given to you?

Way too weird to mention ha!


During those wild Fun House days, did you ever give the games a go yourself? If so, which were your favourites?

No, sadly, we were not allowed; we didn’t even go in the Fun House during breaks. It was always meant to be just for kids…….. until now……… when it will be for adults!!!!


What’s next for you professionally (aside from raising Fun House back to it’s full glory of course!)

I host weekends with Kid Jensen at www.mymusicradio.co.uk, and you can check out where I’m playing/hosting with my upcoming PA’s at www.patsharp.co.uk, on Twitter @patsharp and Instagram @mrpatsharp.


And finally Pat, a final message to your fans?

Thanks for helping me to re-run the fun!!!!


So there you have it!  The Fun House team, including Pat, Melanie and Martina,  need your help to “re-run the fun”.  To date the crowdfunding page has raised a whopping £50,880.  Unfortunately this is only a drop in the ocean when it comes to what is needed if Fun House is going to be given another go.  £650,000 is needed to revive the show, and there is so much to look forward to when you “pledge the wedge”.

Lets come together and bring back Fun House!



Thanking Pat Sharp for taking the time to answer my questions, and Kate over at Double Yellow for organising the interview.

Check out more of my blog posts over on the website, HERE.

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