Loving The Life Less Lived-Book Review

I was sent ‘Loving The Life Less Lived‘ by Gail Marie Mitchell to review to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week.


lovingGail suffers from anxiety and depression-and has done for many years.  After struggling to try and beat her mental illnesses, she finally decided to accept them instead, using her own tips and tools, culminating in her decision to write this book.

When I received the book, I wasn’t in the best place myself.  As my regular readers and social media followers will know, I also have anxiety and depression, brought on from PTSD following my three miscarriages.
Often I struggle to find a way to manage my issues-sometimes that ends up with me seeking help from counsellors (if they can get me onto their ridiculously long waiting list), or I let it overwhelm me, take over, and damage me a little more-leaving me less ‘me’ than I first started.

I began the book, and within the first chapter, the words just seemed so familiar.  “I could’ve written this” I thought to myself.  The description of how Gail feels on a daily basis just spoke to me, and I found a comfort knowing I wasn’t alone in how I feel!

About the book

Throughout Loving the Life Less Lived, there are handy tips and tools that Gail says could possibly help you!
There are ways you can work out if your coping mechanisms-the tools you use to get through those dark days-are actually working for you, or hindering your progress to accept what is happening in your mind.

Gail talks about believing who you one day might be, speaks about mindfulness and hypnotherapy-and ultimately, tries her best to get you to regain some of that “you” that you’ve lost or been missing.

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In my opinion, Loving the Life Less Lived is an essential companion for anyone suffering from mental health issues.

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