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Anxiety and Depression-My Story. 

Mental Health Awareness Day is on the 10th of October, and myself, and other guest bloggers, are blogging our experiences and opinions on the subject. 

Today it’s my turn, and I’m blogging about my experiences of suff into with anxiety and depression.

Anyone who knows me, will know how nervous I’ve been of publishing this blog.  I pride myself on writing from the heart, using my own experiences to convey my opinions and thoughts on subjects.  So this blog was no different.  Except this time, I was more brutally honest than I think I have ever been. 

People I know, who know me, know I suffer from these two mental illnesses.  I’m just not sure they realised how bad it gets.  

Putting the nervousness aside, I’m so proud and happy to be involved in something I feel so strongly about-breaking the stigma attached to speaking about mental health.  I hope people can relate and sympathise with my story, and share with others to help people understand, they’re not alone in how they feel-this is normal. 

Please read it over at Admissions of a Working Mother here


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