Mental Health and Closed Minds

I see myself for who I am. 

I know I’m not my illness(es). 

Recently though, it’s become increasingly obvious to me that not everyone understands that!

On a few occasions in the last few weeks-I have been treated like I’m poorly. 

Look, I’m not blind, I know I’m unwell. Constantly unwell-I’ll give you that!  But how I see it, is that I’m super poorly on certain days.

On those “super poorly” days, nothing major changes. I still get up, I still look after my kids, I still look after the house, make dinner, keep plodding along.  The only difference between those days and the good ones is that I’m a bit quieter and sometimes less patient.  I’m certainly not unhinged and unable to cope!

I’ve never been shy about speaking about my mental health, I think it’s really important to try and stop the stigma attached to people speaking about the subject.  

But I’m not sure I would have spoken so easily about it if I’d known I’d be treated differently once people knew about it!

The amount of opportunities I’ve lost out on, the way people speak to me (or the way people now don’t speak to me), because I have some issues, is actually quite concerning. 

Concerning for those who will suffer in the future, who think they can go ahead and speak about their issues openly and frankly, only to have people put a label on them and treat them like a cliche “mental case”. 

Personally-I know I’m not what I’m being labelled as. I am fighting every day to work through my issues, I’m probably the strongest most days, I’ve ever been. I have learnt so much from working through it all, and am now in a position where I can help others with their problems too. 

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I feel sorry for those who think they know who Mental Health sufferers are! You’ve got no idea! 

For those that took opportunities away from me because you don’t trust my judgment, or you think I’ll compromise my position because of my “issues”? Your loss. 

Because one day, I’ll show you all what I’m made of. I’ll make myself proud, and continue to try and stop the stigma attached to mental health issues-and that’s all I need to aim for in life. 

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