Brick History

Brick History at The Historic Dockyard, Chatham

We were kindly gifted tickets to attend the new Brick History exhibition at The Historic Dockyard in Chatham last Sunday. 
To say we jumped at the opportunity, would be an understatement-aside from the warships and many other exhibits at the Dockyard, my children (and myself) are huge Lego fans, and we just knew it would be worth the trip up there!

Brick History

If you haven’t been to the Dockyards before, you’re in for a treat-I have a feeling I visited when I was a lot younger, but it all seemed very new to me, and it was the children’s first visit.

Aside from the Brick Exhibition that I will get to talking about, there is so much for the whole family to do!

A Victorian Ropery, the RNLI Lifeboat Collection, a Steam, Steel and Submarines exhibition, and a smithery are just a few experiences within the Dockyards-but there are also three historic war ships, submarine tours and a huge gallery-‘Command of the Oceans’ to view.

I have to say, a firm family favourite of our trip was definitely the three warships-the children had an absolute ball climbing the ladders through the floors of the ships, and lazing in the hammocks below deck.  Additionally as a keen photographer-the views from the top levels of the ships were incredible, and as it was such a beautiful day (32 degrees), it was lovely to see the beautiful ships against the bluest sky.

Brick History

We also took a look at ‘The Big Space’ hailed as “A Big Space, For Big Things”.  I will mention it’s an empty big space with nothing in it, but honestly that doesn’t matter.  It’s stunning.  With a total of 400 windows in the roof, the light that streams in on a sunny day is something to behold.  We were the only ones up there, and everything just seemed so peaceful (even with two children running about).  I wish the Dockyards were closer so I could go to The Big Space every day.  Located above the RNLI collection-make sure you pop up and have a look when you visit-you really won’t regret it.

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Brick History

The Brick History Exhibition was actually our first port of call-and was actually the one thing we were there to review-everything else was a massive bonus!
Journeying through time exploring 13.8 billion years of the world through Lego bricks, you will come across major events from the past, and see the intricate detail that author/creator Warren Elsmore has added into each exhibit.
Safely behind glass (yes I worried about my children breaking off chunks of Lego), you can get up close and personal with some of the greatest people from history-but made from Lego!

Brick History

Honestly, I cannot put into words how detailed the models are in this exhibit-and they look amazing in person-I mean, considering it’s my job to photograph and review attractions, my Husband was giving me a run for my money with his interest and photographing!

There’s also an area where you and your little ones can build your own structures and enter a competition, and a soft Lego building area for the even littler ones to enjoy!

Brick HistoryThe Brick History exhibition is included in your entry ticket to the Dockyard too-so it’s something to make your time there even more amazing, at no extra cost!
It’s on until the 16th of September too-so perfect for summer holiday fun with your littlies-and don’t forget, you pay once and can visit all year!

For more information on the Brick History exhibition, check out the information page over on the Dockyard website HERE, and find out more about visiting the Historic Dockyard HERE.



Brick History

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