Christmas Gift Guide-Seasonal Food

Christmas Gift Guide 2018-Seasonal Food, Cards (and ice cream!)

iT’S the final day of our 2018 christmas gift guides-so today, we give you some handy hints for all things food, cards and everything IN BETWEEN!

Christmas Gift Guide-Seasonal Food



Christmas Gift Guide-Seasonal FoodLuxury Caramels Christmas Selection from Fudge Kitchen-Buy from their website HERE for £15.00.
Twelve luxurious caramel favourites nestled in a solid presentation gift box, two each of six flavours to share and enjoy;
Flavours include; Sea Salted Caramel, Chocolate Rose Caramel, Chocolate & Orange Caramel, Cherry Bakewell Caramel, Speculoos Caramel, Chocolate Caramel.

Christmas Gift Guide-Seasonal FoodSeasonal Ice Cream from Simply Ice Cream-Buy from Waitrose from £5.15 and find out more about what’s available over on the Simply Ice Cream website HERE.
There are many flavours available in the seasonal section of Simply Ice Cream, but my favourite was Christmas Pudding!
The taste of Christmas! Made with juicy chunks of finest Christmas pudding that contains sherry, cider, winter spices and rum- soaked raisins. Our creamy and moreish Christmas Pudding ice cream is a perfect alternative to the traditional dessert.

Both of the above products are part of the Produced in Kent, and Kent Food Trails selections!  Produced in Kent provides support to the food and drink sector in Kent.  The trade organisation supports consumers, producers, growers, retail, hospitality, tourism and artisan craft businesses.  It’s objectives are to encourage the support of local producers and widen the use of local ingredients from The Garden of England.
Kent Food Trails is a product of Produced In Kent.  They are launching Kent Food Trails over the next few months.  The bite-sized guides are cleverly designed to gather and condense huge quantities of information and history into easy bite-sized chunks for Kent’s increasing numbers of foodie visitors.  The Kent Food Trail publications offer an overview, by subject, comprising facts, historical snippets, nutritional information, harvest, varieties and stunning photography.  Once your appetite is whet, you can head to the website, to find more specific details and collate your own Bespoke Food Trail, including vineyard tours, tasting rooms, special menus, walking trails, area maps, places to stay, bars and restaurants.  The trails will include Vineyards and Wines, Berries and Cherries, Hopes and Beer, Cider, Coastal and Fish, Apples and Juices, Cheese and Dairy and Craft Distillers.


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Elizabeth Shaw Seasonal Products.

Christmas Gift Guide-Seasonal FoodElizabeth Shaw Raisin & Hazelnut Biscuits-Buy from Sainsburys HERE for £1.75
A crisp biscuit and chewy caramel, topped with raisins and hazelnuts, enrobed in smooth milk chocolate.


Christmas Gift Guide-Seasonal FoodElizabeth Shaw Dark Mint Crisp Chocolates-Buy from Ocado HERE for £3.50
Indulge in tempting dark chocolate infused with mint oil and melt in the
mouth honeycomb crisp.


Christmas Gift Guide-Seasonal FoodElizabeth Shaw Mint Flutes 105g-Buy from Sainsburys HERE for £2.50
Treat yourself to irresistible dark chocolate mint flutes, perfect for all your special moments of indulgence.


Konditor And Cook Seasonal Products.

Christmas Gift Guide-Seasonal FoodMince Pies Gift Box of 6 from Konditor and Cook-Buy from their website HERE for £12.00
Their famous Mince Pies are made with the finest all-butter pastry and filled with a luxuriously full flavoured vegetarian mincemeat. The Telegraph didn’t call them ‘The best Mince Pies in Britain’ for nothing!


Christmas Gift Guide-Seasonal FoodLemon Moon Biscuits from Konditor and Cook-Buy from their website HERE for £6.00 per pack.
Fly me to the moon! A crisp biscuit base of ground almonds covered in a zesty lemon meringue icing give our moon biscuits a delectable citrus crunch that softly crumbles in the mouth. Simply out of this world!



Hallmark cards and gift bags.

Christmas Gift Guide-Seasonal FoodAs usual, Hallmark have outdone themselves on their Christmas Card and Gift bag range this year!  You can pop into any card outlet and find them-but for online shopping ease, you can find an amazing selection of what’s on offer, over on Amazon HERE.



I hope this gives you some great ideas!!! merry christmas!

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