Coming off of the contraceptive pill after 13 years

So, most of you know already that my Husband and I decided that two children was enough for us-especially after losing three babies between our two children.  Aside from the fact, I personally just couldn’t deal with the grieving and heartache that miscarriage brings with it physically and mentally, our second child wasn’t as easy going as our first, and we knew two was plenty with chalk and cheesE as our kids!

Additionally, I was having some health problems every month when I was having my one week pill break-where I was having the worst withdrawal from the hormones in my pill, (called Cileste) leading to me being bed-bound some months with horrific migraines, cramping, and boobs so sore that I couldn’t even take a bra off because they hurt so much.

We decided that my Husband would get a vasectomy-then, when he got the all-clear from the tests they do after the procedure, I would come off of the pill.

This wasn’t a decision made lightly-I did my research, in order to make sure coming off of the pill wasn’t going to be as horrendous as withdrawing from it once a month had been.

Unfortunately, this research led me to understand every woman has different issues, on and off of the pill-therefore my issues would be specific to me and my body, and it would basically be a waiting game to see what those issues would be, if any.

I had some tests before coming off of the pill, due to a separate medical incident, where I had some mid-cycle bleeding, and other symptoms, that led the doctors to test for Cancer.  Thankfully, those tests came back clear, and, I decided there and then, that I’d come off of the pill before my Husband had got the all clear from his tests-I figured my health issues, although given the all clear, were still ongoing as far as the symptoms were concerned-so there was no harm in coming off of the pill earlier than we’d planned.

I discussed this with my doctor, who was absolutely happy to go with my decision, but suggested because of my reaction to withdrawal from the hormone contraceptive pill before, that I begin taking some vitamins to replace things that would now be missing, and enable that transition from hormones to, well, nothing, to be a little bit kinder to my body.

I bought “Complete Woman” from Boots, which include Evening Primrose Oil, Starflower Oil, Iron and B Vitamins, amongst other supplements in them.


The first month, I noticed that during ovulation (thank god for an app to tell me when this was happening or I’d have thought the worst again), I was cramping really badly-something that hadn’t happened often when I was on the pill.  Additionally, when my first period came, I was petrified because people had told me there’s got a ton worse when they did the same.
If you can describe menstruation as “a dream” then this first period was definitely that.  It rocked up, and buggered off as quick as it had come.  I had some cramping, but nothing to write home about-and, as far as I was concerned  thanks to the new vitamins, I had no headaches, no outbreaks on my skin, I lost weight, and gained so much more energy.

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It turns out, that the first monthly, is not how every monthly is going to go-maybe my body was settling into it’s own rythym, because the following month was nothing like the first.

contraceptiveI genuinely thought I had the flu-I was achey, nauseous, emotionally unstable, covered in spots, and, obviously the dreaded headaches returned.
The cramping was like nothing I’ve felt before, and I had the most messed up, hideous nightmares for the first few days too.

The third month was pretty similar to the second-although the headaches during that month were pretty reduced in length and how painful they were.

However, with both months-although the first few days had me feeling like I’d been run over, that’s all it lasted for-after 4-5 days I was back to normal, and my body went straight  back to normal.

I will admit, the above information makes it sound like a horror story for those reading this with plans to come off of their contraceptive pill-but as I also said at the beginning of this, each person’s reactions to coming off of it, are completely specific to them-they may have similar experiences, but don’t let mine put you off!

On a positive note, to mention the things that have improved since coming off of the pill, I have lost weight (and put it back on again because it was Easter and I ate the children’s Easter eggs-to help them out of course!)  My boobs no longer hurt during ovulation, and my mood is a lot better-PMS doesn’t seem to be half as bad as it was before.  Headaches during the week of my period are still there-but not to the bed-ridden extent they were before.

I’d also like to mention something that has made a massive difference since coming off of the pill.  I read somewhere when researching all of this, that certain contraceptive pills can suppress the natural vitamins inside your body, and actually reduce the impact your immune system has on bacteria and illnesses.  I used to catch every single germ the children brought home from school and nursery-and even before I became a Mother I was poorly with so many things so often, but since coming off of the pill I’ve not been unwell once, even when all three of the other members of my household have been at their worst with colds etc (you watch me catch something now I’ve written that down!)


As I say, there are clear negatives and positives in my experience so far, but the latter massively outweighs the former-and I’m glad I made the choice to come away from the hormone contraceptive pill, and start my body from scratch almost!

I’d love to know your experiences too, so feel free to leave me a comment with how you got on after coming off of it-did you regret it, or was it the best thing you’ve ever done-let me know!


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2 thoughts on “Coming off of the contraceptive pill after 13 years

  1. RawMum says:

    I felt like the fog had lifted and that I could think straight again. That was after 19 years. God only knows what I did to my poor body. Now I don’t know what to do so we are with condoms for now. I’ll never take hormone control pills again. They nearly killed me.

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