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Googly Fruit-Organic Snacks For Kids

We were really kindly sent a humongous box of goodies from Googly Fruit!  Including crunchy puffs, crunchy fruit snacks, and fruit pouches, as well as a cute alphabet book, and some stickers-this pack was a massive hit with my two children!


Who are Googly Fruit?

Creators of yummy snacks for children, that are great for them to eat on the go, Googly Fruit love to have fun and like helping children make friends with fruit and veg.  How? By combining fun packaging and shapes with healthy ingredients!

Founders Natacha and Alex are parents, Aunt and Uncle to a grand total of 10 Nieces and Nephews.
They understood that parents want to do their best for their little ones, especially when it comes to food. However, there wasn’t much on the market for those difficult days when busy family life left little time for washing and chopping fruit and veg.
Natacha and Alex decided to launch Googly Fruit. And they’ve been bursting with ideas for innovative, healthy snacks ever since.


What we received

We received a massive bundle of snacks for our children; five fruit pouches, three packets of crunchy puffs and three packets of crunchy fruit snacks.  Additionally, we also received the alphabet book, and some cool stickers-including some very apt googly eyes!

googly fruit

The packaging and idea seemed to be something that I knew Olivia would really be into.  At her smaller age of four and a half, the marketing does seem to be aimed more at her age group.  However, as is the case when most of our review products come through the door, Kye (aged 8) also absolutely loved them!

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He wasn’t as keen on the crunchy puffs (which I knew would be the case as he’s never been into snacks like that), but he loved the fruit pouches, and the crunchy fruit snack packs.
Olivia being Olivia, loved everything, and happily ate her way through her share of the packets in a rather short space of time.


The Ingredients

The crunchy fruit packs are made from 100% fruit.  They contain no additives, are 100% organic, and are freeze dried to turn them into delicious crunchy bites.
There are also no added sugars, artifical colourings or preservatives.
The crunchy puff packs aren’t much different-they’re made mainly from corn, and aren’t drenched in oil while being made-they actually only contain a few drops of sunflower oil!
The fruit pouches are exactly that-FRUIT!  Each pouch contains 100% organic fruit and vegetables, making them perfect to get your picky eaters having fruit and veg without even realising it (they actually count as one of your five a day!)


You can find Googly Fruit products at Ocado, Superdrug, and Kids Choo.  Costing as little as 50p, these really are the perfect treat and healthy snack for your little ones!


Website fun!

As a bonus and additional extra-you and your children can head over to the Googly Fruit website HERE, to have some fun!
Googly Fruit TV, Colouring and Learning, Meeting the Googly Fruit characters, and much more, are available over there-head over and have a look!


googly fruit

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