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A little while ago I was speaking to a fellow blogger regarding how hard the whole Blog Job situation is…..emails are quiet-no one is getting work, and we got to chatting about what we’d really love to do-if money/home life/lifestyle situation was no issue.

Mine?  I’d absolutely love to open my own florists!  I love floristry and flowers, and it’s just the most perfect dream I could ever have-however, I’m never going to be able to do it!

I asked some of my blogger friends if they had a dream to do something in life that they couldn’t envisage actually happening…..


Sophie from Soph-Obsessed said;  I would love to own a coffee shop with big comfy couches and shelves of books for customers to read. I don’t think it will happen simply because people don’t have a desire for this anymore they want takeaway coffees and laptop power points instead of books!


Sarah from Mummy Cat Notes said; I’ve always wanted to be an artist, I got good at it but then I had my son and I stopped drawing. I now use photography and writing for my creative outlet but I wish I could go back to drawing and art.


Lucy from Momma Mack said; Id love to own a shop selling pretty beautiful dresses with bright shoes to match, and I’d love to wear the items to work in the shop everyday.


Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy said; Own and run a farm! I love being outdoors and love animals! I always say if I win the lottery I’d start a farm, open it up to the public etc!

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Beth from Twinderelmo said; I want to own a cupcake shop selling really cute kooky cakes.
Think Instagram heaven all decked out.
However I can’t bake to save my life and I live in a tiny town that’s probably never even heard of Instagram so I really can’t ever see it happening


Raimonda from Cosmo Mum said; I would love to own baby/children friendly cafe (with little toys corner etc) with co-working spaces and facilities for parents that would be open at least till 8pm!


Emma from Life in the Mum’s Lane said;  I always wanted a book shop. Years ago me & my friend joked about owning ‘The book & bap shack’ books, rolls, tea, coffee. We’d have a mini library section with bean bags & fairy lights & people would write reviews on postcards.


Em from Em Linthorpe said; I’ve always wanted to run a little B&B in the Lake District. Just a couple of rooms, nothing massive. Taking baby steps to get there, we relocated to Cumbria a couple of years ago so you never know.


I absolutely loved reading about your dreams girls!  Maybe one day they will happen for all of us-so hold onto them for now!  

What about you-do you have any dreams?



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