Introducing The Dreamstar Bush Babies!

Today, I’d like to introduce you, to possibly the cutest little balls of fluff I’ve ever seen-the Bush Babies!!


Brought to you by Golden Bear, I’m pretty certain, these are going to make wishlists of children up and down the country!

who are the bush babies?

I’m well aware, some of you are still unfamiliar with the Bush Babies, so, here’s a little background information for you!

They’re from Bush Baby World, which has 6 different regions;

Snowflake Ridge; This region comprises of a range of really steep mountains which are covered with snow, and this is where a group of loveable Bush Babies called the Snowies live!
Shimmer Mountain; Built within the mountain itself is a sparkling palace where Princess Melina lives with her two helpers Lady Lexi and Lady LuLu together with her royal court.  Shimmer Mountain grows ‘Shimmer Stars’ which can only be picked by the Princess. They are rare and precious and help protect the Dream Tree. The Shimmer Knights keep the Shimmer Stars safe and guard the palace.
Dream Tree; The Dream Tree is where the Dreamstar Bush Babies live, nestled in their Sleepy Pods within the branches of the Dream Tree. They have an important job looking after and protecting this very special tree. Every night they make sure it opens its Flower crown to send out magical dream dust into the sky, ensuring the night is full of wonderful dreams.
Crystal Caves; Crystal Caves can be found within the golden hills hidden in the golden grass, this is where the ‘Crystalite’ Bush Babies live.The Crystalites mine for Crystals and they glow in the dark.
Flutter Forest; This is where there are colourful trees.  These are home to the Flutter- Byes, a group of Bush Babies with wings that can fly.
Blossom Meadow; Blossom Meadow is home to the ‘Blossoms’, a group of Bush Babies who dig, plant, water and tend to the brightly coloured flowers that grow in the meadow.

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I have a video, introducing you to the Bush Babies, and you’ll even get to see Princess Melina!!
Take a look!

Lets be honest, you’re now understanding why I suggested these would be on wish lists of children across the country, aren’t you……they’re SO cute!!!

Take a look at Bush Baby world in more detail, over on the website HERE!


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