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Parenting Tips~Surviving The Christmas Term At Your Child’s School

If you have children at school age, you’ll probably currently be having the seasonal wobbles associated with the crazy social calendar your child accumulates during December.


You’ve just got yourself through the year, balancing and juggling the usual housework/school runs/after school clubs routine, and then December rears its head and you’ve got to find the space for;
*Key (S-School) (H-Home)

  • Christmas Fairs (S)
  • Nativities (S)
  • Christmas Jumper Day (S)
  • School Trips to reindeer farms/pantos (S)
  • Carol Concerts (S)(H)
  • Santa Visits (H)(S)
  • Family Visits (H)
  • Christmas Parties (S)

So how do you handle all of the added plans and pressure December and Christmas brings?

  1. parenting tipsRemember that calendar you bought yourself on January the 1st, with every intention of using it on a daily basis?
    You can use that now!  You didn’t use it for your every day/week routine-those things are burnt into your brain so you don’t forget them.
    Christmas is a whole new ball game-you need to have everything written down!
  2. parenting tipsAdd some extra time into your day.
    You’re not going to get all of the extra things squeezed into your normal day-attempting it will just stress you out more.  You’re going to have to take one for the team, get up earlier, and go to bed later if needs be-anything that makes your day longer, enabling you to get more done during the time you’re awake!
  3. parenting tipsGet Organised!
    So you’ve got more time, and you’ve got it all written down on your calendar.  But organisation on top of all of this is key.  Make a list of all the things you’re going to need through the month-whether that’s outfits for the school nativity, pennies for the children to take to their school fair, or items for the raffle that you’ve been asked to provide.  If you’ve got it all ready before the craziness begins, you’re not waking up in a blind panic during the early hours, realising you don’t have something for the day ahead!
  4. parenting tipsEnlist some help.
    Something I used to be really bad at, was trying to juggle everything on my own.  Yes I’m at home all the time, and my job is to look after the children, but there are times when you just need to ask your partner for help.
    Maybe they can hoover, freeing up 10 minutes for you to organise the next day, or fit in something that you’ve had to let slide because of a busy day in your child’s social calendar!
  5. parenting tipsTrust Your Childs School
    This is super important-and paramount in keeping stress to a minimum.
    This isn’t the first time school has organised an entire month of activities for their pupils.  They know what they’re doing-our school especially, give me confidence, because I know that they’ll look after my child throughout the busy month.  Have faith in your child’s school too!
  6. parenting tipsEnjoy it!
    This one is obviously the most important.
    Firstly, it’s Christmas-your babies (and you) may be busy, but the festive fun they’re having, not just at home but at school is going to stay with them forever-it can with you too.  Listen to their stories about their days, feel their excitement and enjoy the anticipation they have over the next exciting event they’re attending.
    Secondly, and one I think we’ve all heard from our parents/grandparents-is that this won’t last forever.  Obviously feel free to rejoice in that-there will be an end to the craziness-hurrah!  But also, there will come a day when your house won’t be a hub of organising and festive build up.  One day, your babies won’t be at school, they wont believe in all the magic, and your calendar and lists won’t be as full when your children are organising their own lives!
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So there you have it-some tips on surviving the frenzied time you’re going to find yourself part of during December!

Let me know if you have any other top tips that you swear by!

parenting tips
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