“How am I going to pay for that”?! Something I say every November….

Every November, I spend the first two weeks of the month in denial, at the impeding doom that is….our car’s MOT.


Denial probably isn’t the most grown up way of dealing with this yearly occasion, but it’s all I’ve got.

Every year, I spend £50 on the MOT, then, I cross my fingers and hope it’s not going to cost me anything else.  Except it does-it always always does.

I can hear you all now, yelling at me to “save throughout the year” and “be more prepared”.  But in all honesty, I don’t have a lot of money left to save!

Christmas is around the corner, for some reason family decide to push out all of their babies around the end of the year, meaning more expense, and there’s just not enough to get it all done.


Something I’ve thought quite seriously about is a short-term loan-something I wouldn’t usually advise or tell people is the first option to helping themselves get through the expensive parts of their year.

If I was going to advise someone to do this however, I’d definitely suggest heading over to the Cash Lady.
A well-established and reputable business that provide quick loans and that care about their customers, they aim to make sure you have an easy journey when using their services.

The Cash lady has been around for 9 years!  Providing customers with honest, clear and transparent advise, they really do put their customers first!

With loans from £80-£1500, they’re there to tide you over until that annoyingly expensive bout has disappeared.*

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To find out more, visit the Cash Lady website HERE, and for further information, help and advice, head over to the FAQ page HERE.



*Please note, APR information is available on the Cash Lady website, and I would advise that this is a last resort for me personally.
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