Random Acts Of Kindness Day-Your Stories

Today is National Random Acts Of Kindness Day.  Celebrated by individuals, groups and organisations, nationwide, to encourage acts of kindness.

I absolutely love hearing about random acts of kindness, others have had given to them, or that they have given to others-so I asked some of my lovely fellow bloggers for their stories!

Nellie from Nellie Pom Poms said; I received a bottle of bubbly and some chocolates from a friend with a card saying “thought you might need this”. When I asked her about it she said that I had been so incredibly kind to her one day without knowing it and she knew I was feeling so raw after my best friend died.

Georgina from Gee Gardner said;  I do watercolour illustrations for ladies who have miscarried as a keepsake for those who perhaps haven’t got more than a positive pregnancy test or a quick phone pic of their bump to remember their little ones by. I have a little painting I did for my angel and I get a lot of comfort looking at what was once a crappy old phone photo, now a framed painting with my favourite quote above it.  

Katy from Katy Kicker said;  I give out random acts of kindness really regularly. Fellow bloggers, strangers in the supermarket, people in the street, family members and friends.  I LOVE being nice to other people and feel that it has really enriched my life in the last 1-1.5 years I’ve been making a conscious effort.
If I’m having a bad day I look out for someone that I can help.

Laura from Edinburgh Life-With Kids said; I recently wrote about my goals for the year which included wanting to get into a routine looking after my skin! A lovely lady at my work read the post and turned up with a whole bag of products for me to try! It really was incredibly kind and a lovely surprise!

Laura from The Mamma Fairy said; On the way to work one morning, i was getting my morning coffee in one the large coffee chains. An elderly homeless guy asked could he use the toilet she said no that it was for paying customers and she wouldn’t give him the code. I bought him coffee and and a scone and he was so thankful, the receipt had the code for the toilets.

Amy from The Smallest of Things said; Not long after I had my second child I thought I’d brave a food shop alone. Only the baby was crying and it was so stressful trying to get them both in the trolley etc. Anyway I completely forgot to get a car parking ticket until I got to the kiosk and they asked for it! I just knew I would have got a ticket. But someone had obviously seen me struggling and had popped a car parking ticket under my window wiper! Honestly made my day.

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Ayse from Arepops said; My little girl had an accident on a bus and we didn’t have anything to change her into, a couple with a little one the same age gave us a pair of leggings for her. I was so shocked and thankful!

Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy said; I ordered a food shop to be delivered to my sister as a surprise when she was going through a rough patch. She really appreciated it.

Jenni from The Bear & The Fox said; Two summers ago, I was flying from Berlin to Edinburgh with my two boys on my own, then aged 1.5 and 5. My little one was having an absolute meltdown because he didn’t want to be strapped in or sit on my lap, and I was trying my best to calm him without loosing my cool. The lady sitting next to us in the row was so lovely. She kept asking if I needed anything from my bag (which was in the overhead locker), if she could get me anything etc. When we landed, she insisted on carrying our hand luggage all the way past passport checks (she waited for us to get through) to the airport bus, so that I would have my hands free for the kids. I met her again a couple of days later at the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, and she recognised me and came over to say she had meant to tell on the plane, what a great mother she thought I was! (on a side note, I also love how much of a village Edinburgh is – the chances of bumping in to the same random stranger within a couple of days!)

Becky from The Adventure of Parenthood said; I try to do an advent act of kindness every day, all sorts of things from posting scratchcards in Christmas cards through random doors to paying for the next order at the coffee shop.
I have also had someone I have never met from a kids clothing selling group send me a gorgeous bundle of clothes when my baby was born small which was ridiculously kind.


What about you?  Do you have any stories of something you’ve had done for you, or that you’ve done for someone else?  Let me know in the comments.

Thanking my lovely fellow bloggers for their stories!


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