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Recently, I received a press release from a company called Reroom.  I always have a little mooch on the press releases, but never really respond to interior design/home interior releases, because I haven’t really covered that kind of genre on my website before.

It occured to me however, that before I wrote about most of the topics I cover, I hadn’t written about them before-each genre and subject has to start somewhere, and I realised Reroom were the perfect company to start with.

Who are Reroom?

A large part of the reason I was really interested in working with this company, is because of the people who run it.
Two hard working Mums-Katy and Wendy, with six children between them, who have a background in interiors, but also who understand that family time is precious, and that not everyone has time to individually source themed room ideas!
They pick the furnishing and accessories that create a themed room-meaning you can just head over to their website, and choose the theme you want-and it’s all there waiting for you!
Additionally, if they couldn’t find the right product for the room designs they were creating, they designed their own and found UK manufacturers to produce them!


Room Themes

There are several room themes to choose from-all of which are filled with the most amazing, beautiful furnishing and accessories imaginable.

Whaley Good; This theme is inspired by the sea, and all things underwater, and includes beautiful images of whales, sharks, sea creatures as well as hand painted nautical items which are inspiring for boys and girls of all ages.

Away With The Fairies; A bedroom for daydreamers and fairy believers, this room theme is filled with magic, glitter, sparkle to let your children’s imaginations take flight. From intrica murals, to handmade ToadStool Stools and even a Tree Table, everything in this room is designed to create a place where daydreams become real.
Hedgehugs Woodland; A beautiful nursery theme, with a hand-picked collection of woodland–themed furniture and accessories that have been inspired by nature, the soothing and subtle colours create a cosy ambience, perfect for those precious snuggling-up moments with babies at bedtime. A woodland breeze mural and cute hedgehog cushions, provide a tranquil setting to help send your precious one off to sleep.
Mermazing; An aquatic paradise for dreamers and mermaid lovers, mermaid rooms feature sparkle, magic and silvery scales. Featuring beautiful hand painted Reroom exclusive artwork and unique products that will delight any people wanting to make a splash with their very own mermaid bedroom.
The Launch; Transport bedrooms to a galaxy far, far away with Reroom’s NASA-inspired designs and accessories which are simply out of this world.
Ignite your little ones’ imaginations with the mysteries of the universe, space and the myriad of stars and solar systems by  letting them learn through play as they jump into their space bedrooms in preparation for the latest mission of discovery aboard the Shuttle Imagination.
The Unicorn Bedroom; Who doesn’t love unicornes?  Reroom have put together a room of legend, fluffy things and dreamy products. A mythical sleeping place where only the fairest may lie. The complete Unicorn bedroom is coming soon – but in the meantime  there are plenty of beautiful Unicornesque items that will be featured!

What we were sent?

reroomPearl Troca Shells x 3 – £10.00
These pearlescent shells are an absolute must for a mermaid themed bedroom-they sit perfectly on my Daughter’s bookshelves, next to her clam shell she bought from a beach shop on our holiday’s last year.
reroomMake Your Own Mermaid Kit – £11.00
This cute little kit which is suitable for children aged 8+ (but my Daughter can do with help from Mummy) contains everything your little one will need to make their own mermaid-and is contained in the cutest little tin!
reroom‘May Your Dreams’ Holographic Mermaid Print – £15.00
An absolutely stunning mermaid theme print-“May your dreams be as big as the ocean, and as magical as a mermaid”, this features a hand painted watercolour mermaid silhouette, along with holographic foil wording on high quality card.
reroom‘Not All Stars’ Holographic Starfish Print – £15.00
Another beautiful print-once again with a hand painted watercolour picture on-this time of a starfish, along with holagraphic foil wording reading “not all stars are in the sky”.  Bring your mermaid themed room to life, and watch the colours on this print change as you move around the room.
reroomSequined Seahorse Cushion – £25.00
This magical cushion has our very own seahorse design hidden under a sea of silver sequins. Wipe your hand up to reveal the beautiful image or down for a sparkling sequinned cushion.
reroomMermazing Mermaid Wallpaper – £85.00 (for 10.5m length & 52cm width)
What mermaid themed room is complete without some stunning wallpaper?  This absolutely beautiful mermaid tale themed foil paper is made on non-woven backing, and is printed on a silver foil for a special effect.  The colours on this picture, don’t do the final paper justice-it really is something to behold.  We received a sample of this wallpaper-but I’d absolutely love to see a room decorated fully in this!

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The Launch;

reroom3D Glowing Planet Stickers – £8.00
These cool 3D glow in the dark planet stickers are a great way to accessorise walls, furniture, books and bags. The stickers are bright and colourful during the day and glow at night when the lights go out.
reroomSpace Torch -£8.00
A handy little space torch that also projects 24 colour images from NASA onto your bedroom wall or ceiling. To turn it from a torch to a projector simply slip one of the changeable disks into the top of the torch and turn the lens to focus your image up to 1m wide. You can rotate the disk to swap the image and turn your bedroom into a galactic heaven!
reroomSupermoon Print – £50.00 (for framed print-I think unframed are also available)
This is a framed image of the supermoon from Monday 14th November 2016, which was particularly special as it was the closest the moon has been to Earth since 1946 and there won’t be another one until 2034. Hang a little piece of history on your wall!
reroomTucana Print– £50.00 (for framed print)
A print of a cluster of stars within the Tucana (The Toucan) constellation. A beautiful image taken by NASA’s Hubble telescope and hand framed in solid wood, this picture will look fabulous on any wall on it’s own or surrounded by the other three pictures in this collection.
reroomEarth Fromm Juno Print – £50.00 (for framed print)
This magnificent image was taken in October 2013 by NASA’s Juno spacecraft when it flew by earth using its gravity to get a boost to reach Jupiter. This photo was captured while testing its instruments.
reroomHubble Sees Andromeda Print – £50.00 (for framed print)
A beautiful image of the NGC 7640 galaxy within the Andromeda constellation, this print along with the other three available, really is the most stunning set of images-perfect for your budding astronaut!


Reroom really do have the most amazing themed rooms, with tons of stunning accessories and furnshings, all in one place-they’re really worth checking out if you’re thinking of revamping your little ones bedrooms in the future!  Check out all they have to offer by visiting their website HERE.



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