Why I Won’t Apologise For My Kids Good Behaviour


If you follow me on my social media channels, you’ll be quite familiar with my frequent posts about the children doing well in and out of school, and making us proud.

As they’ve grown, and I’ve gained Mummy friends, and family members have had their children, I’ve found myself on the end of snide comments and negativity about being a “baby bore” and over praising my kids.

Noticing a child have a tantrum while we’re out, and having someone snidely say “I bet yours don’t do this do they”, isn’t helpful, and its complete fabrication-of course mine tantrum, I just don’t often document it!

My kids aren’t angels, far from it-but lets face it, we don’t bombard people with photos on social media of them screaming their arses off, red faced with tears streaming down their cheeks do we.  Those aren’t the photos we want to take or remember, and they aren’t photos I want others seeing.
As parents we’re told to praise the good and try and ignore the bad (unless they go right off the handle obviously), so that’s what I do with my two.

They know how much we love them, how proud we are of them and their achievements-and I won’t change that because people don’t want to see it, hear it or acknowledge it.


Ultimately, I just don’t understand the hate towards those wanting to show their pride of their children-and to be honest it makes me really sad that I’m being judged on how I treat my kids-regardless of the reason.

I won’t apologise for my good children-no one should have to, just like I don’t expect anyone to apologise for theirs.

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