The Day You Were Born-For My Boy, On His 8th Birthday


Last september, i wrote about miss olivia’s birth story, on her 4th birthday, after realising I’d never told it before.  i’ve also never told kye’s!

this not-so-little guy, doesn’t realise it now, but he’s the reason i’m who i am today-he was my reason to get up, to carry on, when the going got seriously tough.

SO HERE YOU ARE my gorgeous boy-here’s the story of you, and it begins in 2009……



May 2009 to be precise!  You were very much wanted, you just happened to begin your journey a little earlier than we’d had otherwise planned.
We found out you were growing inside my tummy, at the end of May, nine weeks before myself and your Daddy were due to get married!

We knew how much we were going to love you from the get go-when we had your first scan a week before we got married, I couldn’t believe I was growing a little baby in my tummy-I just lay there, staring at the screen, watching your little body jump up and down like a jelly bean.



Oh the sickness…

Yeahhh, so the sickness was pretty horrific.  In fairness, I do look back on your pregnancy as easier than your sisters, only because I had you to look after during the vomitting with her-whereas with you, I just had to think of me.
You seemed to know when I needed you to not make me poorly-I was fine on your Nanna’s funeral date, and on my wedding day (so thanks for that).

bornYou also managed to make me feel 80% ok for mine and your Daddy’s honeymoon to Crete-during which, a lady selling souvenirs on the side of the road, took my growing bump in her hands, and told me in her best English, that you were a boy.  Little did we know, but she was right-we found out you were a bouncing baby boy, at your  20 week scan, the week we got home.

bornThe pregnancy felt long, and I was pretty much ready to have you from 36 weeks-I tried everything to get you out.
On your Daddy’s 24th Birthday, while at dinner with his family, I had some of the strongest braxton hicks known to man (not an exaggeration), and convinced myself you would share your Birthday with him-just like I do with your Grandad.
Obviously they decided to filter out, and you decided to wait another 9 days to begin your exit!


The Birth

You were due on the 6th of February 2010, and, as luck would have it (ish), your labour began during that evening, while we were at your Nanny and Grandad’s house.  The popped a movie on to take my mind off of the irregular pains, and your Grandad timed them on his phone-but by 8pm I was in too much pain, and we decided to get checked out at the hospital.
By 10pm, we were home-I wasn’t even slightly dilated, and I was advised to sleep.
We headed straight to bed, but by 2am, the pains were horrific, and I was up, walking around (quietly, because your Daddy was sleeping), and on the phone to the hospital.
I spoke to a lovely lady, who asked me where the pain was and how often it was.  She still didn’t think I was ready, so told me to get into the shower, and sway from side to side with the shower head on my bump and back-to try and relieve some of the pain.  Needless to say, it didn’t work and the pain grew in intensity.

I woke Daddy and we headed to the hospital-I was checked over by the midwife, and told I was 5cm dilated-so I could have gas and air.  I also ate some coco pops.  I’ll be honest now, and tell you I’ve never looked at coco pops in the same way-as the speed at which they came back up is something I’ll never forget.  It was like something from the exorcist.

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The midwives switched over, and the next one popped in (to the room) introduced herself, and checked my dilation.  3cm.  Which I believed meant you’d changed your mind and had gone back up!
It actually turns out, the previous midwife had made a mistake, and in thinking I was 5cm, had given me gas and air too soon.

I was allowed to stay thank god, and we continued the labour throughout the day.  I got tired-really really tired, and there was lots of chatter I could hear between the midwives, Daddy and Nanny, about how I should have something else-something that would help me sleep for a while.
I was so tired, and I wasn’t with it, but I knew I didn’t want this medicine.  Eventually, they convinced Daddy and Nanny that I should have it-and to be honest, to this day, I feel like I was forced into it.
The injection, called Pethadine, was put into my thigh, and it hurt, a lot-there was a bruise there for weeks after you arrived.
I did sleep, I’ll give them that, but I was also super poorly when I woke up-and when you arrived, you didn’t cry-actually you didn’t cry properly for days.
I vowed never to have that medicine again if I ever had another baby.

How Big?

At 9:50pm on the 7th of February, you were born.  You didn’t cry (as above), but you did make some squeaky noises at first.
You were a funny colour, and your skin was super dry-something the midwives said may have been because my dates were slightly wrong, and you were overdue without us realising.


That would explain the weight too-as you came out at an impressive 9lb 3oz!  Your sister was the same weight at 9 days overdue, so I’ll take that as an explanation!

We named you Kye George Peter Willson-Kye was actually your Dad’s choice and I fell in love with it too!  George is your Grandpa in the sky from my side, and Peter is Daddy’s Grandad in the sky too.

We were discharged from the hospital the following afternoon, and from there we began our lives as a family of three.



You really were the best little baby-such a good little boy, and we doted on you-surrounding you with the love and care you deserved.


Today, as you celebrate turning 8, I can’t beleive I’m writing your birth story from so long ago (and remembering so much of it).  That day, our lives changed forever-you made me a Mummy, and I didn’t know I was meant to be one until you came along.

You’ve spent the last 4 years showing us how clever you are-your reading level has always been amazing, and you’ve continued to shine as you’ve progressed through your school years.

Our bond, has never changed-even when your sister arrived-I really worried about that changing.  You’re my little best bud, and I feel like the luckiest Mummy ever to have you as my son.

Mummy, Daddy and your crazy little Sister Olivia-May, love you so much and we hope you have an amazing 8th Birthday sunshine.


(And here are some extra pictures of you)

born born born born

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