Elf On The Shelf ~ And So It Begins….

Today for us is officially day 1 of our Elf on the Shelf antics.

I spent all last night sorting through the elf related crap I have, printing 30 blank elf letters, a letter from Santa, sticking sticky foam to the back of the magic elf door and finding the magic elf glitter needed to make said door magic!

Today the children woke oblivious to the fact there would be something waiting for them downstairs. My son is aware today is the last day of November, but assumed all festivities start tomorrow.

We didn’t think they’d notice straight away, and it would be odd for me to get up at the same time they did for no reason-so I stayed upstairs listening for the minute they saw it!

Little excited footsteps were heard coming up and two excited kidlet’s came bursting through my bedroom door with the letter in hand. My son then read (ridiculously excitedly) the whole letter and then they had 10 minutes of bouncing off the walls, chanting “Jingles is coming!” Over and over!

After the ridiculous excitement, and questioning why we needed two magic glitter tubes, everyone went about their day.

Fast forward to bedtime, and two very excited children chose a glitter pot to sprinkle.

15292662_10154066533471935_2023489592_o             15320467_10154066533436935_2134682844_n

And now we wait. Well the children do, laying in bed full of excitement, wondering what they’re going to wake up to tomorrow! I on the other hand have to create the magic, and to be honest-I just love it!

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For your eyes only, tomorrow,  Jingles the elf and his new “friend” Jangles (we were going to go with Shingles before realising it probably wasn’t appropriate), are going to be visiting our house every day until Christmas Eve! Tomorrow they will be bringing the children’s advent calendars, and a letter from them both-and every day there will be something to do or something to see!

Which is where I come in! I very stupidly decided to join in with Blogmas this year, and then decided I would do an Elf on the Shelf/Christmas festivities Blogmas. I then decided, I would set up a YouTube account and add videos of the every-morning-discoveries, of the children and the elves!

So tomorrow, my Blogmas begins!

Stay tuned, keep your eyes peeled and enjoy our antics!


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