Elf on the Shelf-Day 10


Good Evening!

After a festive day at an annual family get-together, we’re finally home, the children are shattered and in bed and I’m so excited to show you today’s reactions to them both discovering the elves antics this morning! (Sneak peek slideshow below)

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Last night, the elves left them a letter commending their good behaviour.  Kye for his behaviour at school this week, even though he’s had a horrid cold.  Olivia for her good behaviour (finally) last night at bedtime-as we’ve had a horrible week with her playing up when its time for bed.


The elves left them two books to share (The Polar Express and a hilarious book about Christmas).  Additionally, they just had to make some mischief, so the bananas we bought yesterday were turned into minion bananas!


The children were beside themselves.  My favourite parts out of this video are when my son is reading the letter out and my daughter realises Santa knows about her improved behaviour at bedtime, when my son reads the “minion bananas” bit and looks around the area he’s sat, confused for some time, as to what “minion bananas” could possibly mean.  The third favourite part of mine, is the sheer shock and ear piercing shriek of excitement, my daughter does when she finally sees the bananas!  Take a look!!!

So that was a lovely start to the day, and my daughter has once again gone to bed without fuss tonight-so its working (for now).

Tonight’s antics have already begun.  No sooner had I got in from our day out, and taken my shoes off, I was running upstairs while hubs entertained the kids, to change their duvets!

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Tonight is the big magic bed change night.  While the children sleep, Jingles and Jangles are going to change their boring, ordinary duvets into festive Christmas duvets!  I love doing this one!


Check back here tomorrow to see their reactions!!!!!

Until tomorrow……I’m so elfing-excited!!!!

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