Elf on the Shelf-Day 11


Wow, what a morning!  

Aside from the large amount of washing I’ve got to do (thanks to the bedding being changed), it’s been a lovely relaxing morning of Christmas films and the children playing nicely.

Last night, while Daddy entertained the children downstairs, I (with lightning speed) went up and changed the children’s bedding to their Christmas duvets.  I put the new ones on, and then the normal ones over the top, the other way up, and the same with the pillowcases.  At 10, when me and hubs went to bed, we crept into their rooms, and, with ninja speed and teamwork, we pulled the duvets and pillowcases off, added an elf each to the end of the bed, and I quickly took pictures!  I was on edge, but it was actually quite easy!

IMG_7621         IMG_7620

This morning we got the best video reaction of Olivia literally just waking up, and just massively confused as to how she’d gone to bed with a Frozen duvet on, then woken with a Christmas one on!


Last year, the first person we videoed was Kye, because I went up to him first and he was still in bed.  This year however, Kye has been up since between 5 and 6 (I’m not happy about this obviously), and so he’d already seen his duvet change, over 2 hours before anyone else got up.  So this year, we videoed Olivia’s reaction instead and it was amazing!

I’ve also changed my bedding too (I always have to wait until the children’s ones are done), and I love my festive duvet set sooooo much!  It has the words to one of my favourite Christmas songs on, and I got it from Asda last year.  The cushion is from Poundland!!!  I couldn’t resist when I saw it matched!!!!

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Tonight, we actually have a plan!!!!  We’re probably going to put some string around the house, for the elves to swing on, possibly attached to candy canes!  We must be mad!!!


Until tomorrow…….Elf you laterrrrr!

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