Elf On The Shelf-Day 12-When The Elves Left Home.


So…… if you read yesterdays blog, you’d know all about yesterdays antics, and our plan for today’s.  Unfortunately, those plans are now on the back burner.

After an afternoon of my children tag teaming each other for the naughty step, and the attitude from my son up until the second he went to sleep, we made the decision to take the elves away for a night.15515971_10154102374861935_26426191_o

They left a note, explaining their reasons for leaving, but to be honest, there was no shock
when they came down this morning to find one letter, but no elves.


So there’s not going to be a reaction video today, even though their reactions weren’t horrendous, I just don’t see the point in it.


However, as I still came on here to write a blog as part of my Blogmas experience, I thought I may as well give you all something to read!


I really struggled with whether to actually even do a blog today-I thought maybe just briefly explaining the lack of elves today, tomorrow on day 13 would be OK.   The only reason I felt that way, was because I’ve read so many opinions from other Elf on the Shelf-ers, telling each other how they’re using their elves and the antics, the wrong way.

A lot of people are very adamant you shouldn’t use the elves as a punishment tool.  That you should use what you usually would, for punishment/discipline and do that instead.  The thing is, I’m up to my ears in reward charts, naughty step timers and punishment tools, I relish the thought of December the 1st coming so I have another weapon in my Mummy armoury!

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Other things I’ve read on my Elf on the Shelf travels

  • Whether it’s OK the children touch the elves.
  • What to tell your children (or not to tell them) about why other children don’t have elves
  • When you should do the “North Pole Breakfast”
  • Which type of elf is the right one to use
  • When you should have the elves turn up
  • When you should have them leave
  • What they should leave when they go

The list is endless.


My point in all of this isn’t, how you do it, what you use to do it, it isn’t even why you do it-it’s who you do it for.

I do use mine to help my kids behave better, but, primarily it is a chance to spread some happiness and magic around my little family.  If my children aren’t grateful of that, and don’t behave to the standard I expect (which really isn’t that high-I’m not Mary fricking Poppins), then yes, I’ll use the elves as a punishment tool.

My children were told, the elves came to them from the North Pole, because they spend their year behaving to the best of their ability-this isn’t a lie!  This is why I do it, and your reasons may be different, you may do everything I do or nothing at all like I do, but the point is, its up to you.  It’s your family, it’s your memories.


Enjoy it, embrace it, love it and remember it.

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