Elf on the Shelf-Day 13

Aaaaaaaand….they’re back!!!!

Last night the elves came back from the north pole, and they left a letter congratulating the children on their better behaviour yesterday.  (If you didn’t catch yesterdays blog about the children’s behaviour-its over here Elf On The Shelf-Day 12-When The Elves Left Home.).


We debated them coming back and doing a trick (a treat was definitely not going to happen when they’d only just come back), but them being back was enough for the children.


Tonight I’m going to leave the colouring books they were supposed to get on Monday-before the elves left!


In other news though, today myself and Olivia had a lovely festive morning at our local garden centre!  They’re not having a grotto this year, but have set up a Winter Wonderland walk for the children, and its just magical!

Here’s some photos of our walk!

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OH! And one to embarrass her in front of the boyfriend when she’s older………



Until Tomorrow…..Keep Elfing Around!

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