Elf on the Shelf-Day 16


After not having anything planned once again, we ended up deciding, for last night’s elf on the shelf antics, to basically piss the kids off and get all their colouring books out, and let the elves wreck them!

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Fast forward to this morning, and their little faces when they opened the door were priceless!  Olivia was VERY cross with Jangles!!!!!


Also today we went to see our beautiful boy in his last Christmas play at his current school!  He was AMAZING closing the show with his narrator lines!

We took his sister with us too so she could see her brother and she sang and danced along making everyone laugh (and then kicked off-making mummy and daddy annoyed-just to keep us on our toes!)

IMG_7842                              IMG_7844


Back to the elf business-we’re getting to the end of supplies a little now, not a large amount of treats left in the elf bag upstairs, and I’m running out of ideas of things to do!!!!!  With another 8 more antics to think up-I’m getting a little drained by the constant conversations between me and my husband about what we should do each night!

I need inspiration-so I’m off to find some ready for tonight’s antics!


Until tomorrow…… Elf Antic Finders-Away!

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