Elf on the Shelf-Day 24, The Last Day!

Today marks the final day of our elves and their antics!  Tonight they’ll go back to the North Pole to help Santa with the big night, and, hopefully, they’ll be back next December 1st!

The children woke to find a Christmas Eve box this morning!  Inside (as you’ll see from the photo and video), were, matching pyjamas, a snowman bath bomb for tonight’s bath, a hot chocolate sachet each, a festive cuddly each, reindeer food to sprinkle outside tonight, a personalised plate for Santa’s goodies, a light up snowman each, so that Santa can find their rooms in the dark, and their special “T’was The Night Before Christmas” book they have every year.


This morning, after the festive goodbye gifts from the elves, we went out for our annual Christmas Eve Breakfast with my husband’s family, and the children were so super well behaved-it’s almost like they were trying to impress someone…..not sure who though!



Fast forward to this evening, and before their baths, they made sure the magic food for the reindeer was sprinkled over the front of the house, and left Santa and his reindeer treats out on the plate they were given this morning.


Then, after a lovely bath with their snowman bath bomb, they dressed in their new matching pyjamas, and settled down with me (yep that’s a Moomin tshirt-thats how I roll), to read their annual festive book.


Here’s a little slideshow of the end of the evening for my very excited children!!!!!  Pyjamas, goodnight cuddles, and excited faces in bed!

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Just before bedtime, they said goodbye to their elves, and it was just too adorable not to share!

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So that’s that!   Mummy and Daddy have brought all the presents downstairs, and tomorrow, they will wake to find, Santa has been, filled their stockings and left them presents.  (For your eyes only, here’s a sneak peak).


That’s it from me, and my Blogmas Elf Antic Posts.  Thank you for reading every day, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!!  (See you the day after Boxing Day, for a Christmas festivities round-up, and probably a lot more photos).


Until Then, Thank You, and Goodnight!


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