Elf on the Shelf-Day 5

Good Afternoon!

Today’s antics were not done by me!  The hubs had instructions to do “something with flour” last night, and he didn’t fail to impress!


We had a bit of a mind blank, mainly because yesterday morning was so big with the elves leaving the Christmas tree, and the letters-to-Santa packs (you can read all about that one here-Elf on the Shelf (and other festivites)-Day 4), so we knew it probably should be a little mischievous for today’s one, we just weren’t sure what!

So after removing the Santa letters and leaving magic dust behind last night, I just said to the hubs why don’t you do something with the flour, and he did!

15387410_10154078754081935_1107632418_o        15369890_10154078754086935_919038093_o

As usual, fast forward to this morning, and within seconds of the children finding the elves and seeing the mess, I think me and the hubs were both regretting it slightly.  Obviously they wanted to touch it and stand in it, which meant it was walked around my house and, not only were their pyjamas covered in it, clothes ready for school and work were also covered!

I left the hubs to the clearing up, and disappeared upstairs, which probably amused him no end.  Tomorrow is a treat day, so I’ll be leaving something fun for them to do-and I seriously need to research some new elf antics for following days, as you can see by the video, my son is remembering last years antics we’re redoing this year!


So now I’m off to plan for the rest of the week!

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Until tomorrow……Elf Elf and Awaaaaaayyyyy!


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