Elf on the Shelf-Day 6


How are we almost a week into December already?!!!!  Soon it’ll be Christmas Eve, the elves will be going home, and all the effort, stress, and magic will be over!

So while we’re enjoying it and making the most of it, I spent a large part of my evening last night, cutting out tons of snowflakes out of paper!



The children came down this morning, and for the first time, they were a tad confused.  There were the usual excited screams, but it did take them a few minutes (plus a couple of trips to and from the kitchen in confusion, to realise what they’d been doing!

Today I had planned to have the elves leave the magic jelly beans that the children would plant in sugar to grow magic candy canes, but after a terrible day and some issues while shopping this morning, I don’t have the jelly beans now!

So instead, I’m going to leave a treat from the elves instead of more messy mischief!

Keep watching for more Elf related blogs each day! (And if you didn’t catch yesterday’s blog its here-Elf on the Shelf-Day 5!


Until tomorrow…..lots of elf love!

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