Elf on the Shelf-Day 7

Wow, what a 24 hours!

After a night of no sleep because Olivia suddenly got a cold so needed her nose wiping constantly (seriously, when do they get to the age they don’t need us for silly stuff like that?!).  Then a wake up at 5:30am because she wanted to start her day, and an hour and a half of moaning and shouting because we wouldn’t allow it (we have very strict rules on what time is acceptable to get up), I was glad that I hadn’t left the elves making a massive mess that I’d have to clear up.  (If you’d like to see what they got up to yesterday, have a nose here Elf on the Shelf-Day 6)

That also explains the really unenthusiastic noises coming from our video this morning too-I was literally a mombie.

Anyway, last night, after 3 hours of Christmas wrapping, I decided for ease, the elves would leave a little treat for the kids to find! (Obviously I regretted a treat that Olivia didn’t deserve after her kick-off this morning!)  We left a felt tree we got from Hobbycraft not so long ago, that comes with felt presents, baubles and a star to decorate it! The elves obviously also had to play a little trick as they’re our little mischief makers, so they also hid behind two of the presents!

They’ve loved playing with the tree, although the elves have had to leave a letter too, explaining the importance of sharing, and the consequences that they’ll face if they argue over it.



Tomorrow I’ll finally get to do the planting of the jelly beans for magic candy canes to grow (something we do every year), so another antic I won’t need to take ages to set up-which after no sleep last night, more Christmas wrapping to do, along with some more work, Christmas card writing and probably another sleepless night, I just won’t want to do anything major!

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What’s most important for us, and what I think should be most important for anyone who’s doing Elf on the Shelf with their children, is to just enjoy making memories with them, no matter how much effort goes into it or how much money goes into it!


Enjoy it, love it, embrace it and remember it.

Until tomorrow…… Embrace the Elf Experience

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