Elf on the Shelf -Day 8

Apologies for the late post tonight.

Basically, I held off doing today’s blog until the local Rotary club had been round with Santa.  Every year they come past our house and knock on our door, except last year, our first Christmas at this house, when I’d just put the children to bed, the door went, and I ran to get my son from his room, falling back down the stairs on my return.  The wave to Santa was brief, my son went back to bed, and I spent the rest of the night in a blind panic that I’d broken my foot.

So this year I was determined both children would see him, and kept them up until an hour after their bedtime to see him.

He didn’t show.  Well he hasn’t so far,and its now 7:30.  I’m in such a mood about it, I’m tempted to answer the door (if they do bother coming) and ask what time they bloody call this!

Anyway, back to this mornings elf antics!  The children woke to find Jingles and Jangles had left magical jelly beans for them to plant (they grow into candy canes overnight if you’re not familiar.)


My son remembered this antic from last year so wasted spent 20 minutes explaining to his younger sister what happens (she still doesn’t understand!).

This evening (pre-Santa waiting), they planted their jelly beans in the sugar and put the bowl under the tree (the most magical place in the house).


They will awake to candy canes growing out of the sugar, in place of the jelly beans!

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We love a bit of magic in this house!!!!

Tomorrow evening, we once again don’t have a plan of action for the elf antics, but as usual, we’ll come up with something.  I’ll also remember all these times I’ve had with no idea of which antic is next, and hopefully, come next year, be much more organised!


Until tomorrow-keep calm, there’s only 16 more elf days to go!!!!!

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