Elf on the Shelf-Day 9

Thank goodness for a quieter, less stressful day!

Aside from a large amount of housework (and baking-see picture below), we’ve had no major issues.


After planting their magic jelly beans last night (see yesterdays blog for photos-Elf on the Shelf -Day 8), this morning the children woke to find the magic had taken place downstairs, and they had grown into magic candy canes!


Kye was super excited-he remembers this antic from last year,and knew exactly what was going to happen.  Although Olivia took part in it last year, she was super small, so didn’t remember, and as I mentioned in yesterdays blog, couldn’t understand the concept of what was going to happen during the night either!

They both set about hanging the magic candy canes on the tree, and, while her brother worked hard at school, Olivia was happy to have a taste of her first one too!


As per usual, I have no plans for tonight as yet!!!!!!  But as usual, I won’t let my babies down!!!!

Tomorrow during the day, we’re off to our annual family get together at my step-nans, so I’m sure there’ll be some lovely festive tales of family fun, or tales of me tearing my hair out because of the usual running late, or kids having a moan on the car journey there or back.

Whatever happens-we’ll be ready!


Until tomorrow……..This tired elf is off to bed!


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