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This week I have drafted in my blogger friends to add their opinions and thoughts on subjects I’ve chosen to write about.
Today is day 1, and the subject today (as you can see from the title), is;

For those with sons, what one piece of advice would you give them for their future?

Personally, I’d tell my son to speak up if he ever has any issues.  Never to suffer anything in silence-and to always try and focus on the positives in his life, rather than worrying about negatives.
Emma from emmareed.net  would tell her Son to always retain the confidence, independence and stubbornness he shows now Even though it drives her crazy right now, one day it will get him very far in life.

Mandi from Hex Mum Plus 1 would tell her Son that it’s OK to be different and that he doesn’t have to follow the crowd.  (She also wants him to know it is OK to give her a hug!)

Kirsty from Life With Boys would want her Son to know that his dreams are never too big.  If he truly believes in himself – especially from a young age – he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to do.

Niki from Play & Learn Everyday Would like her Son to treat others like he wants to be treated, no matter who they are.  She doesn’t want him to forget that everyone has a story and deserves kindness and respect.

Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids is a Mum to three boys.  She will always want them to know that they should treat women (well, everyone) with respect, but to make sure that they are also treated with that respect, and not to let any one belittle them because they are male.

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Clare from NeonRainbowBlog always says to her two boys, that as long as they are making the right choices they will be fine in life. They need to concentrate on their own kindness and not to worry about anyone else.

Louise from Pink Pear Bear would like her Son to believe in himself,-that he can do and be anything.   She wants him to always be kind, but not to be afraid to stand up for himself, and enjoy life to the full.

Regardless of how similar or different our advice for our little boys is, the one thing that remains constant is our good wishes for them and their future.

Thanking my lovelies over at UK Parent Bloggers for their contribution!


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