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This week I have drafted in my blogger friends to add their opinions and thoughts on subjects I’ve chosen to write about.
Today is day 3, and the subject today (as you can see from the title), is;

Since becoming a parent have you ever been given any ‘golden’ advice that you just can’t live without now?

Personally, mine is to not worry as much.  Something it took me two children, and 5 years to understand-but something I’d definitely share with fellow parents and parents to be!

Beth from Twinderelmo was told “Always trust your gut instinct. It’s too easy to be led by books, health professionals etc but you are with them 24/7 and know them better than anyone.”
How true this is, I spent half my time with my first child going through a library of books and panicking about what Health Visitors would say!

Amy from Amy & Tots was told “Lather your newborns bum in vaseline before putting on their first nappy. It helps to stop the meconium poop sticking to them!”
Where was this information when I had my two!!!  That stuff is like hot tar!!!

Jaymee from The Mum Diaries was told “When it comes to breastfeeding each day is a milestone!  Don’t think too much about the future just concentrate on today!”
This is such good advice-it can take so long to crack breastfeeding, this advice takes so much pressure off!

Emily from EmilyandIndiana was told ” If clothing is stained (especially from those newborn poop explosions!), hang in the sun – it magically lifts the stains!”
I’ve heard about this!  The amount, even now the children are grown up, that gets stained with dinner etc-I could salvage so much with this advice!

Kate from Counting to ten was told “Knowing about developmental leaps (Wonder Weeks) made a huge difference to me. When baby is being particularly challenging you know there is a new exciting behaviour on the way.”
All I’m going to say is, I’d never heard of any of the “wonder weeks” business!  I had basic email alerts each month, but nothing that gave me insight into why they were doing what they were doing!

Louise Bell from Wee Ohana was told “Trust your gut! If you think something isn’t wrong investigate it! When my little boy didn’t smile until late, laugh or give eye contact at 6 months I had concerns, and then he didn’t talk and I had more concerns, every told me he would talk in his own time.. now we are awaiting an official diagnosis of autism. So trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right don’t let people blow it off!”
This is so important.  You know your child!


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The above advice is so important!  I wish I’d known half of these when my littlies were babies!

Thanking my lovelies over at UK Parent Bloggers for their contribution!

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