Life’s Little Bugs-T.Stubbs Book Series Review

We were sent seven books from Life’s Little Bugs.

Life’s Little Bugs are a company aiding children’s development, also providing a good support for SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural studies within schools) and Home Education Studies.

All written by T.Stubbs, the books allow children to learn about good habits, in a range of subjects, using the fun book content and illustrations.  With fun characters, and a professor explaining the moral of the story at the end of every book-these really are an excellent way to get your children to understand right from wrong, in a great way!


Let’s meet Life’s Little Bugs!!!!!


Doodle Bug
Telling the story of ‘Doodle Bug’ who just loves being creative, he soon realises that drawing and painting on others property, isn’t appropriate.  Being given another outlet for his creativity, he teaches his young readers how to respect others and their belongings.


Litter Bug

‘Litter Bug’ (and his friend ‘Fly’) absolutely love making mess.  They happily throw their rubbish around, until a few people explain to them that this isn’t acceptable.  A great lesson in how to keep things tidy, and the importance of disposing rubbish appropriately.

Tummy Bug

‘Tummy Bug’ is probably my favourite out of the set of books we got sent.  Mainly because it’s the one life lesson I really preach about the most to my children.  No matter how clean we seem to be at home, they still end up with the tummy bugs from school and nursery!  This story explains how important hygiene is, not just on our bodies, but also in what we eat.

Flu Bug

Another germ prevention story, this one tells us about ‘Flu Bug’, who just loves to share himself around, making others unwell with his germs.  The professor explains how resting, staying away from others and taking care of yourself, prevent ‘Flu Bug’ from spreading himself around!

Gum Bug

‘Gum Bug’ tells us how much he likes to get into our teeth and make them feel bad!  The story explains to children, what they can do to prevent cavities and gum infections!

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Hum Bug

I loved this one!  As a mental health blogger-I notice more and more, rising statistics of children suffering from mental health issues.  This story explains how the power of positive thinking helps stop the negative thoughts taking over.  A really important message at the end from the professor which I think really aids children during many of the stresses they now find themselves going through during their school years.

Fitness Bug
Kind of self explanatory from this bug’s title, this book explains how important not only keeping fit and exercised is for our health, but also how we should make sure we have a balanced diet.

I absolutely loved these books!  The characters were really engaging for both of my children (aged 7 and 3), and the message each story is trying to give, comes across really well-my children, after only reading each one once, were able to tell me exactly what each individual story was about.

I try and teach my children at home, using some Home Education resources, even though they both attend school and nursery.  Some resources I find really work for general life lessons-these books are included in those resources.  There is a free introductory story over on the website-so you can really see what you’re getting for your money!

You can buy each book for as little as £5.99 (small book 16.5cm x 15.0cm) or £17.99 ( big book – 31cm x 28.5cm).
You can also buy the entire set of 7 books (small size) for only £33.99 with free p&p!

There are plenty of other special offers over on the website-take a look HERE!!

The books were sent to me for free, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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